What To Do if Your Water Heater Is Leaking From the Bottom

What To Do if Your Water Heater Is Leaking From the Bottom

April 4 2022
Are you worried that there's a problem with your water heater? Do you fear that the lack of hot water in your house is an indication of a larger issue? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about what to do if your water heater is
air lock in pipes

How to Fix an Air Lock in Pipes and Have Free Flowing Water Again

February 7 2022
Air Lock In Pipes Have you noticed your water running slower than usual? There can be a few reasons for low water pressure, and one that is commonly overlooked is an air lock in pipes. But this annoyance can become a real problem if it isn’t
common winter plumbing problems

The Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

November 18 2021
Winter is known for beautiful snowy landscapes and less pleasant things like frozen pipes. The plumbing in your house can have particular difficulties throughout the winter. When it's below freezing outside, the water in your pipes might freeze and
Hanover Supply, how to fix toilet plumbing problems

How to Fix Toilet Plumbing Problems

October 18 2021
Fixing plumbing issues can be incredibly expensive, and getting a plumber to your house can be rough. That's because it's a very complicated thing to learn to do professionally. But, you don't want to call a plumber every time your toilet breaks,
Hanover Supply, how to prevent plumbing problems

How to Prevent Plumbing Problems in Your Home

September 20 2021
When you own a home, the whole way you look at the world changes. All of a sudden "foundation issues" or "roof leak" become some of the scariest and most terrifying phrases you've ever heard. Up there on the same list includes the phrase "plumbing
Hanover Supply, how to fix a plumbing venting problem

How to Fix a Plumbing Venting Problem

August 23 2021
Modern-day plumbing separates first-world countries from third-world countries. It keeps people from contracting avoidable diseases caused by poor sewage and drainage issues in a home. While plumbing may look fairly simple, like a single pipe
Hanover Supply, Can too much rain cause plumbing problems

Can Too Much Rain Cause Plumbing Problems?

August 17 2021
There's nothing as peaceful as the gentle sound of rain falling with a slight rumble of thunder in the background. You can sip on a cup of hot tea and watch gently fall from the sky. But a peaceful moment such as this can quickly turn into a panic
Hanover Supply, problems caused by hard water

5 Common Plumbing Problems Caused by Hard Water

June 23 2021
Is your home plagued by hard water? Unfortunately, chances are you have hard water running through your pipes and don't even know it. A staggering 8 out of every 10 homes in America has hard water flowing through their plumbing. While hard water
hanover supply, toilet with weak flush issue, New Jersey

5 Reasons Why Your Toilet Has a Weak Flush — and How to Fix It

May 27 2021
Toilets suffer from a lack of flushing power because your rim jets, waste pipe, or siphon jet could be clogged. The water levels in your tank or bowl could also be too low. If your toilet has a weak flush, you may need to adjust the system and clear
clean stainless steel bathroom faucet

10 Plumbing Tips And Tricks That Experts And Beginners Alike Should Know

May 5 2021
Being a homeowner comes with lots of responsibility. Aside from paying the bills and being busy with its upkeep, a home can often present you with unexpected problems. Painting or carpet issues can have easy fixes. Plumbing problems can often be
low flow plumbing fixtures

10 Surprising Advantages Of Using Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures In 2021

March 24 2021
Guess what? The market for the plumbing industry has already hit a whopping $110 billion. With so much money flooding the plumbing sector nowadays, you might be wondering: what's the real deal about low-flow plumbing fixtures? To tell you the
beautifully arranged copper piping

PEX Repipe Vs. Copper Repipe – How To Decide What’s Best For Your Project

February 19 2021
On average, residential and commercial piping can last between 25 and 100 years. As a result, many owners never have to replace the piping during their tenure at a property. When a piping refit is necessary, however, it can be a huge
woman on the phone, distraught over her newfound plumbing problem, looking for plumbing advice

7 Things To Know About Plumbing

January 28 2021
Everyone knows that for the most part, owning your own property is much better than renting. Not only do you get more stability, but you also get some equity and even tax deductions. But not everything is all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to
plumbing issues

10 Common Plumbing Issues You Should Be Aware Of & The Average Lifespan Of Your Plumbing Components

January 14 2021
Every year, plumbing issues cost households hundreds of dollars and no shortage of unnecessary stress. With a long winter ahead, the last thing you want is for your plumbing to break down. That's why it is important to know how to identify common
Black and white image of a sink and dripping water

Top Reasons Why You Need to get a Plumbing Upgrade for Your Home

December 14 2020
As a homeowner, it's your responsibility to take care of your plumbing. Periodically checking for leaks, clogs and minor plumbing issues is a start. Scheduling regular maintenance with a licensed plumber is incredibly helpful too. A professional

Commercial vs. Residential Plumbing: Differences in Standards to Know

December 4 2020
The plumbing industry has experienced moderate year-over-year growth in the last decade. As a whole, the industry is now worth more than $107 billion in the United States. This continual rise should come as no surprise. Most buildings across
eco friendly picture of green earth

How Eco-Friendly Toilets Help the Environment and Your Wallet

July 29 2020
Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom or starting a new construction, eco-friendly toilets are a smart option for conserving natural resources and reducing your water bill. Toilets are after all, the main source of water consumption in the
pex tubing, red, blue, and copper

Commercial Plumbing Supplies In Northern New Jersey

July 27 2020
Plumbers, HVAC specialists, and other expert tradespeople need a range of equipment and supplies to do their jobs. Hanover Supply has been a trusted name in New Jersey commercial plumbing supply since the first location opened in Newark in 1923.
tubing valve close up

A Selection of Top-Notch Tools and Equipment at Hanover Supply

June 17 2020
A Local Plumbing Supply Store Near You Good plumbing and HVAC equipment are essential for plumbers and other tradesmen. However, every homeowner and landlord should keep basic repair tools on hand as well. Look to Hanover Supply, a trusted name in
3 copper tubes side by side by side

Push-Fit Vs. Copper Plumbing – Pros and Cons of Each

April 23 2020
Push-Fit Vs. Copper Plumbing Having a little knowledge about your home's plumbing can certainly go a long way. It can save you money. Especially when you never know when plumbing issues will pop up. Everyone encounters leaky faucets or clogged
kitchen faucet that has been left on

Top 6 Faucets For Hard Water in 2020

April 15 2020
For anyone with hard water, you know the drill. You likely buy a lot of bottled water and are aware of mineral buildup in water pipes. Hard water can make your coffee or tea taste strange. And it can lead to several daily issues, including itchy
image of man's hand holding a lightbulb in front of him

5 Innovative Plumbing Tools for Your Home & Business

January 28 2020
While everyone should have basic plumbing tools in their home toolkit to deal with clogs, drips, and leaks, there’s an exciting world beyond hacksaws, metal files, and pipe wrenches. Innovative plumbing tools are developed based on trends and
an absolute plethora of various tools in many shapes, sizes, and colors, primarily blue scraper tools but also a family of mallets and an array of wrenches never before seen by the humble eyes of man

New Jersey Trade Equipment Supply

December 16 2019
Our Trade Equipment Whether you are in the HVAC business or you are a DIY-er, there is nothing like working with the best equipment in the business to enhance your performance. Here at Hanover Supply Company, we carry every piece of trade equipment
close up of stainless steel faucet with the water running out of it

Faucet Types For Your Home’s Needs

November 12 2019
Faucet Types If you are thinking of replacing your faucets and have been to the store to check them out, you've seen that they are anything but alike. These days, there are four primary faucet types. You may have noticed that the faucets in your
several multi-colored pex tubes organized mostly horizontally with a few bare metal pipes going upward on a concrete wall

Pex Tubing Problems and Pex Tubing Pros

August 15 2019
Overview Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) supply pipe may be the biggest breakthrough in the world of plumbing since the flush toilet. PEX is a type of flexible plastic that is currently being used to replace traditional copper and galvanized steel
close up tin snips on white background with shadow

How to Find the Best Snips for the Job

February 28 2019
Best Snips - Reviews For our plumbing professionals out there - check out our previous article if you are interested in adding some new plumbing tools to your collection. A snip is a type of hand shear designed to cut thin sheet metal and other
clamp, mallet, measuring tape, allen wrench set, wrenches, and pliers in edge of frame on wooden table

New Plumbing Tools To Add To Your Collection

January 25 2019
New Plumbing Tools At Hanover Supply in New Jersey we like to stay on top of new plumbing tools as they make their way into the marketplace. In this article we are looking at several new plumbing tools on the market for those of you who either work
an artsy black and white photo of a tastefully strewn collection of tools with several wrenches and mallets visible as focal points of the artistic image

The Best Supplier of Tools in NJ – Hanover Supply Company

December 27 2018
Commercial Tools in NJ When it comes to the best place to get commercial plumbing, heating and cooling supplies, DIY remodeling products, product redistribution or any other tools in NJ, you simply cannot beat Hanover Supply Company. We specialize
man troubleshooting a retractable faucet, leaning over with intense focus and vehemence

Most Common Plumbing Mistakes

November 15 2018
Common Plumbing Mistakes Who doesn't love being a weekend warrior? Especially when it comes to all those great home projects that you line up for yourself. Every time you walk around in your favorite home improvement store, those videos you pass
caricatured plumber seemingly built of wax wearing both a denim shirt and overalls holding a plumber in front of a real-life tile bathroom featuring a shower and toilet

Toilet Pipe Clogged – You Don’t Need to Call a Plumber

August 29 2018
Toilet Pipe Clogged Is your toilet pipe clogged? Does your flushing seem slower or weaker than usual? Is there water resurfacing in your sink, shower or elsewhere? Do you have a loose toilet handle? You may feel that you need to call a plumber, but
run of the mill stainless steel bathroom sink faucet

[DIY] How to Fix a Leaky Faucet in 6 Easy Steps

July 20 2018
How To Fix a Leaky Faucet Are you being kept awake at night by an ominous dripping sound? You may have a leaky sink or bathtub fixture and thus need to learn how to fix a leaky faucet. Having a leaky faucet can be a harrowing experience. Over
black and white photo of a water fountain spraying water to and fro

Buying a Water Fountain Pump – Some Words of Advice

May 9 2018
Choosing A Water Fountain Pump From mini split ceiling cassette air conditioning to water fountain pumps, summer is on the way! If you've just bought a new water fountain, then chances are it already has a water fountain pump. The pump should be
close up of a stainless steel bathroom faucet mouth with water running out of it

What are Hard Water Stains and How do You Remove Them?

March 22 2018
What Are Hard Water Stains? Hard water stains are stains left behind by hard water. But what is hard water? Hard water is water with a high mineral content. 9 out of 10 homes have some hard water content. Hard water is actually quite harmless,
cartoon image of a plunger

5 Plumber Tips on How to Deal With a Flooded Toilet

March 19 2018
Flooded Toilet It's important to understand the causes of toilet overflow in order to know how best to deal with the problem. To begin with, common in eco-friendly toilets, a flooded toilet might be due a clogged line that causes blockage thus
toilet with glowing blue aura coming from the mouth of the seat

How to Know if You’re Having Toilet Fill Valve Problems

January 16 2018
Toilet Fill Valve Problems Have you ever wondered what brings in water to your untidy and not so well-maintained water tank? The piece involved here is the toilet fill valve. Is your toilet acting up? Read on to find out if you're having toilet
water conditioning systems

Water Conditioning Systems Guide, Part 1: A Brief Overview

November 28 2017
Water Conditioning Systems In a previous article we gave as brief an overview as possible on the most popular methods of hard water treatment. Now, we're going to go into more specific detail about water conditioning systems. Terminology Of Water
hard water treatment

What are the Hard Water Treatment Methods Available?

November 24 2017
Hard Water Treatment Last week we covered shaker cabinets hardware placement. This week it's on to another practical topic - hard water treatment! There are many different methods of hard water treatment available. For the most part they can be
plumbing tools list

Plumbing Tools List for a Beginner Plumber

September 26 2017
Plumbing Tools List Plumbing is one of the most enjoyable and exciting careers. It entails various activities such as installation, repair, maintenance of pipes and other equipment used in the distribution of water and disposal of waste in both
leaking toilet tank bolts

How to Replace Your Leaking Toilet Tank Bolts

August 8 2017
Leaking Toilet Tank Bolts The time may one day come when you need to replace leaking toilet tank bolts; so, you should bookmark this article and keep it handy. The majority of toilets are made of two parts: the tank and the bowl. Together they
check for water leaks

Sky High Water Bill – Is it Time to Check for Water Leaks?

June 27 2017
Check for Water Leaks Before Problems Arise Water leakage is a problem that always raises anxiety among property owners. Water leaks are associated with high utility bills and other consequences... Water leaks can cause the destruction of
best adjustable wrench

What’s The Best Adjustable Wrench Available Today?

June 6 2017
Best Adjustable Wrench As a plumber, getting the best adjustable wrench is a tiresome exercise, especially if you're based in a heavy-duty environment. As a plumbing supply company, we know this first hand. Wrenches come in various sizes, types,
backflow in plumbing

How to Fix a Backflow in Plumbing – The Top 5 Methods

May 18 2017
Have your water outlets been producing odd looking or strange tasting water lately? This is likely due to a backflow in plumbing. This happens when water pressure in the piping is altered. It may result in an increased flow of water further down
sewer line inspection

Why a Sewer Line Inspection is Mandatory for a New Homeowner

March 30 2017
Sewer Line Inspection Many people don't think about inspecting the sewer and septic system before buying a home. After all, living with a properly working septic system conditions us to view it as "out of sight and out of mind." However, getting a
indoor hot tub installation

Questions to Answer Before an Indoor Hot Tub Installation

March 10 2017
Indoor Hot Tub Installation Today’s homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their home’s resale value – and that is certainly wise. For some who can afford it, adding a luxury upgrade can not only add tremendous value, but can be
pipe damage

Know the Signs of a Failing Sewer Pipe/Pipe Damage

February 7 2017
Pipe Damage An efficient, well-maintained plumbing system supports many different functions in your home. As your home ages, it’s best to monitor the wear and tear on your entire plumbing system – especially your sewer pipe. These are the

The Advantages of Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

January 31 2017
Water-Efficient Plumbing The plumbing fixtures that exist today are not only more sophisticated, but they are able to perform at a higher standard of efficiency. As expected, water-saving toilets, faucets and shower heads have now become the
Most Common Plumbing Problems

Top Five Most Common Plumbing Problems

January 24 2017
Most Common Plumbing Problems Almost every homeowner will face a variety of issues with plumbing at one time or another. Handling the smaller plumbing repairs, like changing a toilet handle or changing a washer can be fixed easily. But the more
reasons for low water pressure

Reasons For Low Water Pressure

November 30 2016
Common Reasons for Low Water Pressure Some people can live without caffeine, but most people can’t do without a good shower in the morning. It is frustrating when you turn on the faucet in the shower and only a little stream of water comes out of
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