improve hvac efficiency

Best Ways to Improve HVAC Efficiency

October 9 2018
Improve HVAC Efficiency HVAC systems are often the biggest users of your energy costs, so using them in the most efficient ways will make a big difference for you. There are definite ways to improve HVAC efficiency and here are 8 of the best.
central ac supplies

Central AC Supplies – Why You Should Maintain Your AC

October 2 2018
Central AC Supplies No one wants to add another chore to their 'to-do' list, but maintaining your central AC or window units is a must if you want them to peak perform all season long. You can call Hanover Supply for maintenance because we have
ac maintenance tips

Our AC Maintenance Tips

September 28 2018
AC Maintenance Tips Summer heat is often unbearable and the only way through it is with an air conditioner. Whether you have room air conditioners that install in the windows or a whole-house central unit outside, learn how to keep them running in
quiet gas generator

Why A Quiet Gas Generator Is Good for Modern Homes

May 21 2018
Quiet Gas Generator Advantages   In any home, it's always important to have backup power to keep your appliances running after the power goes out. A quiet gas generator can be a great source of alternative power for your home. A
mini split ceiling cassette

Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning – How Does it Work?

April 18 2018
Mini Split Ceiling Cassette You might be experiencing a conundrum with heating and air conditioning in your home. You want better air conditioning for your home, but you don't want to install several different units. You've probably heard about
hvac condenser unit

The HVAC condenser Unit and its Key Role in Energy Efficiency

February 8 2018
HVAC Condenser Unit   An HVAC condenser unit is a device that's part of the HVAC unit. Its job is to turn gas into liquid by cooling the gas. It plays a big role in energy efficiency, but there are things you need to know about taking care
refrigerated air units

Refrigerated Air Units – What They are and How They Work

January 29 2018
Refrigerated Air Units As spring approaches, your Spring HVAC maintenance should be one of the first things on your to-do list.  HVAC systems are important elements meant to cool and heat up both residential and commercial buildings. These systems
spring hvac maintenance

Why You Need Spring HVAC Maintenance

January 10 2018
Spring HVAC Maintenance - Avoid Hazards, Lower Bills Servicing your HVAC keeps it in top condition all year round. Scheduling spring HVAC maintenance will sustain the selling value of your home while giving you peace of mind. As you probably
air conditioning components

Air Conditioning Components in Popular HVAC Systems – What You Need to Know

December 5 2017
Air Conditioning Components   HVAC systems have become one of the most important components of modern buildings. They create comfort in a building by regulating the room temperature. For an HVAC installation service, the decision on the
mixing refrigerants

HVAC – Why Mixing Refrigerants is Illegal and Impractical

October 19 2017
Mixing Refrigerants   Refrigerants are chemical mixtures of various substances. They normally undergo various states of existence, from liquid to gas and back during the HVAC cycle. Due to the destructive effects of the compositions of