air conditioning maintenance tips

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

May 9 2022
The U.S. has more air conditioners in homes than any other country in the world. We think that's something worth celebrating because it means more families are living comfortably in the summer heat. But if your air conditioner isn't running
HVAC unit makes noise

Common Noises Your HVAC Unit Makes That You Should Never Ignore

May 2 2022
America is a land of shining HVAC units. 91% of American households have at least one unit. Yet HVAC problems are just as common as the units themselves. One common problem is HVAC noise. When your HVAC unit makes noise, you need to stop and
Smart HVAC Can Save You Money

How Smart HVAC Can Save You Money On Your Heating and Cooling Bills

April 11 2022
Did you know that the average homeowner could use anywhere from 20 to 50 percent less energy by updating to a high-efficiency air conditioning system? High-efficiency systems require less energy to keep homes cool, but another way to use
smart HVAC systems

What Are Smart HVAC Systems?

January 10 2022
In the United States, 75% of homes use air conditioning at various points throughout the year. Most of us don’t think about it, but much of the United States are equal in latitude to the Sahara Desert. In many states it gets hot, and in
How to Adjust HVAC Airflow

How to Adjust HVAC Airflow and Why It Is Important

January 4 2022
During the hot and cold seasons, temperatures can reach an extreme point. New Jersey temperatures typically can reach up to 90°F in the summer and 16°F in the winter. Because of how high and low temperatures can be throughout the year, it is vital
Hanover Supply, How many HVAC units do I need in a Building?

How many HVAC units do I need in a Commercial Building?

December 6 2021
There are many factors to consider when sizing HVAC systems in commercial buildings. The most important rule of thumb is to size the HVAC unit based on the load it needs to cool or heat per hour. For example, if you have a large office building that
heating system efficiency

The Best Ways to Improve Your Heating System Efficiency This Winter

November 8 2021
With winter just around the corner, temperatures are dropping and days are getting shorter. As you start planning your holiday celebrations, it's the perfect time to optimize your heating system for the season. Doing so will bring much-needed relief
close up of an industrial air conditioner

What is the Best Way to Clear Your AC Condensate Drain Line?

November 20 2020
Is your air conditioning unit cutting in and out prematurely? Do you experience abnormally high humidity or musty odors when you turn on your AC? If it's not the thermostatic shower valve it's something else, are we right? Responsible for keeping
yellow gloves laid atop various tools

Central AC Supplies – Why You Should Maintain Your AC

November 11 2020
3 Reasons to Maintain Your Central AC The heat is on. You are sweating, you are uncomfortable, and you need relief. You can run down and get an iced coffee, but that coffee will be gone before you know it. No one wants to add another chore to their
pile of various old looking tools

5 Best Hand Tools for HVAC Technicians

October 30 2020
As an HVAC technician, it's crucial to your career and your safety that you have the right tools on hand anytime you head to a job. If you're just getting started, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which tools you should keep in your bag or
problem crossed out, no problem written under it

5 Common HVAC Problems (And How To Fix Them!)

September 30 2020
The heating and cooling systems in your house probably don't garner much attention from you. That is, of course, until something is going wrong. We count on them to keep our homes warm or cool depending on the season and assume it will happen. So,
toolbag on central ac units

12 AC Maintenance Tips From Hanover Supply

September 15 2020
AC Maintenance Tips A well-maintained air conditioner can last approximately 12 to 17 years. The actual life of your system will depend on various factors including the weather in your area, how heavily you use the system, and how well you take
pex tubing, red, blue, and copper

Commercial Plumbing Supplies In Northern New Jersey

July 27 2020
Plumbers, HVAC specialists, and other expert tradespeople need a range of equipment and supplies to do their jobs. Hanover Supply has been a trusted name in New Jersey commercial plumbing supply since the first location opened in Newark in 1923.
chunky central ac unit

Why Spring HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money

June 22 2020
Spring HVAC Maintenance - Avoid Hazards, Lower Bills An air conditioning unit is a substantial investment, and if properly cared for a unit should last for many years. When HVAC units are working well, it's easy to forget that they need
line of lightbulbs, the one in the middle is lit up

Why A Quiet Gas Generator Is Good for Modern Homes

May 27 2020
No-one likes it when the power goes out. There isn't much you can accomplish in the dark and with the technology that we use these days, everyone wants to know there is power being generated from some source. Now, with the help of quiet gas
close up of ac fan blades

Air Conditioning Components in Popular HVAC Systems – What You Need to Know

May 22 2020
Air Conditioning Components - A Brief Guide Air conditioners have been around for over a century. On hot, humid days, nothing is better than stepping from the outdoors into the cool of your home or business. Modern HVAC systems have evolved and are
speech bubbles, one has an exclamation point in it, the other says

10 HVAC Tips and Tricks for 2020

February 21 2020
Have you been looking for HVAC tips and tricks and coming up with nothing worthwhile? There's lots of that online these days! You’re now in the right place when it comes to knowing about all things HVAC! There are things you can do at home
3 air conditioners mounted to the wall side by side

4 Common HVAC Issues & How to Fix Them

January 15 2020
Common HVAC Issues The most common issues that occur with a Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) System are: Restricted or poor quality airflow Water damage and leaking ducts Failure of the system to cool properly A heat
an absolute plethora of various tools in many shapes, sizes, and colors, primarily blue scraper tools but also a family of mallets and an array of wrenches never before seen by the humble eyes of man

New Jersey Trade Equipment Supply

December 16 2019
Our Trade Equipment Whether you are in the HVAC business or you are a DIY-er, there is nothing like working with the best equipment in the business to enhance your performance. Here at Hanover Supply Company, we carry every piece of trade equipment
landscape green field with white house in background and tree in foreground on the beach on a slightly cloudly blue sky day

HVAC Systems for Mobile Homes

August 22 2019
Choosing the Right HVAC System for Your Mobile Home Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, come in single wide and double wide styles in a range of sizes and floor plans. Most of them, but not all, built after 1976 have ductwork that can
several hvac units with filters sitting outside on a concrete slab in front of a reflective glass 3-paned window wall

HVAC Supply In New Jersey

June 20 2019
HVAC Supply NJ Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is the technology used for keeping your home comfortable in summer, winter, spring and fall. It is an important part of all residential and business structures including single family
cartoon house with a one-tooth smile and a snowflake on its forehead emitting smoke through a chimney into a blue sky with the bright sun shining on raked green grass

HVAC Cooling Tools

May 24 2019
Cooling Tools Heating and cooling tools are used for temperature and climate control and testing in many environments. Some of these tools are designed for specific purposes (see our hand tools for hvac article). For instance, AC manifold gauges
close up tin snips on white background with shadow

How to Find the Best Snips for the Job

February 28 2019
Best Snips - Reviews For our plumbing professionals out there - check out our previous article if you are interested in adding some new plumbing tools to your collection. A snip is a type of hand shear designed to cut thin sheet metal and other
yellow square diamond safety first street sign vector

HVAC Safety

February 15 2019
HVAC Safety – How to Avoid Accidents The technology associated with HVAC systems requires that knowledgeable, experienced personnel well-trained in how to avoid the hazards that accompany working in the HVAC field stay on top of minimizing
an artsy black and white photo of a tastefully strewn collection of tools with several wrenches and mallets visible as focal points of the artistic image

The Best Supplier of Tools in NJ – Hanover Supply Company

December 27 2018
Commercial Tools in NJ When it comes to the best place to get commercial plumbing, heating and cooling supplies, DIY remodeling products, product redistribution or any other tools in NJ, you simply cannot beat Hanover Supply Company. We specialize
cartoon graphic of a green-roofed house with ribboned tabs on the side increasing in size as they travel down the left hand side of the image and with a gradient of olive green to bright red

Best Ways to Improve HVAC Efficiency

October 9 2018
Improve HVAC Efficiency HVAC systems are often the biggest users of your energy costs, so using them in the most efficient ways will make a big difference for you. There are definite ways to improve HVAC efficiency and here are 8 of the best.
mini split ceiling drawing, with a snowflake underneath

Mini Split Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioning – How Does it Work?

April 18 2018
Mini Split Ceiling Cassette You might be experiencing a conundrum with heating and air conditioning in your home. You want better air conditioning for your home, but you don't want to install several different units. You've probably heard about
wrench, washers, and bolts atop a blueprint of a house

The HVAC condenser Unit and its Key Role in Energy Efficiency

February 8 2018
HVAC Condenser Unit An HVAC condenser unit is a device that's part of the HVAC unit. Its job is to turn gas into liquid by cooling the gas. It plays a big role in energy efficiency, but there are things you need to know about taking care of your
4 air conditioner units attached to a commercial building

Refrigerated Air Units – What They are and How They Work

January 29 2018
Refrigerated Air Units As spring approaches, your Spring HVAC maintenance should be one of the first things on your to-do list.  HVAC systems are important elements meant to cool and heat up both residential and commercial buildings. These systems
mixing refrigerants

HVAC – Why Mixing Refrigerants is Illegal and Impractical

October 19 2017
Mixing Refrigerants Refrigerants are chemical mixtures of various substances. They normally undergo various states of existence, from liquid to gas and back during the HVAC cycle. Due to the destructive effects of the compositions of
mini duct air conditioner

The Benefits of Having A Mini Duct Air Conditioner

September 12 2017
Mini Duct Air Conditioner A mini duct air conditioning system is a new innovation that uses a rectangular or circular trunk. How does a Mini Duct Air Conditioner work? It's placed outside a home or establishment. It has a high-pressure
hvac installation service

How to Market Your HVAC Installation Service

July 25 2017
HVAC Installation Service The HVAC market is an ever-growing market and tapping into it with your HVAC installation service is quite a smart move. However, like any business enterprise, proper brand image development through clever marketing should
hvac tool kits

HVAC Tool Kits – An Introductory Guide

May 4 2017
HVAC Tool Kits Are you looking for the best way to carry your tools? Whether you're an HVAC professional in need of trade supply or someone just starting out, it can be confusing trying to select the best HVAC tool kits. As a HVAC professional
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