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How to Market Your HVAC Installation Service

July 25 2017

HVAC Installation Service

The HVAC market is an ever-growing market and tapping into it with your HVAC installation service is quite a smart move. However, like any business enterprise, proper brand image development through clever marketing should be a priority.

Poor marketing strategies can be a recipe for disaster. Therefore a proper digital marketing team should be put together whose efforts would be dedicated solely to reaching out to the masses with your HVAC installation service.


First of all, you have to decide who your HVAC installation service will be for. Will you be doing domestic installations or project installations? The answer to this question will help you get your target audience and hence determine your digital marketing policy.

6 Ways To Market Your HVAC Installation Service

  1. Networking

Become a member of your country’s HVAC Society (for USA, it’s ASHRAE). All major brands and stakeholders in the HVAC industry would already be a part of it. So it’ll be easier for you socialize with a number of people in the field over drinks and dinner and pitch your HVAC installation service to them.

  1. Online presence

This is a very efficient marketing tool in this age of digitization. Develop a simple and crisp website. Hire a professional website designer if necessary as poorly designed websites can be an eyesore. Open accounts in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other places where it will reach a large audience.

Be an active participant in conversations. For example, if someone posts a query regarding the duct insulation required in different cases, put up your answer along with a link to your website for the HVAC installation service. People are bound to notice you and at the least give your website a visit.

  1. Spread the word

Ask your clients, that if they are satisfied with your service, to tell the people around them about your performance. Providing reference discounts would also be a great idea.

  1. Advertisements

Newspaper and online ads are quite affordable as compared to TV ads or billboards. Design an ad which will appeal to the common man and tell him about the things that matter to him like timings, availability instead of technical jargons like the type of equipments used. The ad should be designed to directly grasp the customer’s attention.

  1. Being up-to-date

The HVAC industry is churning out new technologies every other day. Be well-read on these advances so that you can beat your competitors in the race to clinch that million dollar multiplex contract.

  1. Unique solutions

Come up with unique solutions that can potentially cut costs and increase quality instead of inefficient age old procedures. Once the word spreads of your out-of-the-box work style, your brand image is secured.

Marketing can be a costly affair, so proper planning is a must to make it cheap and productive. And at all times, it should be aimed at the people to encourage them to use your HVAC installation service. Because at the end, Consumer is King.

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