It’s Easy to Upgrade Your Heating Equipment for Winter

It’s Easy to Upgrade Your Heating Equipment for Winter

March 14 2022
Winters in New Jersey can be brutal. You want to protect your heating equipment, so it doesn't fail on a cold winter's night! With rising inflation, you want to keep your heating bills low, and home heating upgrades will ensure your heating
Hanover Supply, furnace maintenance tips

Furnace Maintenance Tips To Ensure a Warm Winter This Year

December 17 2021
With fall almost over, cooler temperatures are here to stay. As the weather cools, it's essential to get your furnace in good shape. Here are some helpful furnace maintenance tips for ensuring your furnace provides you with constant warmth this
Hanover Supply, How to Prepare a Furnace for Winter

How to Prepare a Furnace for Winter

October 14 2021
In this article we will go over how to prepare a furnace for winter. Your furnace is the most important appliance within your house during the winter months. Without a properly functioning furnace, your home will be cold and uncomfortable. Beyond
old crusted, busted, and rusted heating system with paint falling off that probably needs immediate replacing due to its lack of proper functionality

Is Your Old Heating System Still Adequate?

February 10 2021
Is Your Old Heating System Still Adequate? You stare at your boiler, contemplating whether or not it's seen better days. Don't be too hasty, it might still have a little life left in it. But how long should you use your old heating system? How do
pex tubing, red, blue, and copper

Commercial Plumbing Supplies In Northern New Jersey

July 27 2020
Plumbers, HVAC specialists, and other expert tradespeople need a range of equipment and supplies to do their jobs. Hanover Supply has been a trusted name in New Jersey commercial plumbing supply since the first location opened in Newark in 1923.
line of lightbulbs, the one in the middle is lit up

Why A Quiet Gas Generator Is Good for Modern Homes

May 27 2020
No-one likes it when the power goes out. There isn't much you can accomplish in the dark and with the technology that we use these days, everyone wants to know there is power being generated from some source. Now, with the help of quiet gas
brass gas regulator with 2 gauges, one pointing down left and the other pointing more in the middle left side with black handles and a black rubber stopper in the right side

Sizing a Gas Regulator

July 30 2019
Sizing A Gas Regulator - An Overview A gas regulator controls the overall amount of pressure in a combustible gas line. There are two basic types of gas regulators: one used with natural gas; the other with propane. Safe, efficient operation of
an artsy black and white photo of a tastefully strewn collection of tools with several wrenches and mallets visible as focal points of the artistic image

The Best Supplier of Tools in NJ – Hanover Supply Company

December 27 2018
Commercial Tools in NJ When it comes to the best place to get commercial plumbing, heating and cooling supplies, DIY remodeling products, product redistribution or any other tools in NJ, you simply cannot beat Hanover Supply Company. We specialize
high contrast image of logs burning in a brick fireplace with intense orange caressing the shadows of its own existence

Types of Heating Systems – Explained

October 30 2018
Types of Heating Systems If you are in the market for a new heating system, or know the time is getting close, there are diverse heating technologies that stand ready to replace your old one. All of the types of heating systems listed below can be
thermostatic shower valve

Why the Thermostatic Shower Valve is an Important Safety Device

October 4 2017
Thermostatic Shower Valve Scenario: No Valve Have you finally got burned out (pun intended) on getting burned in the shower? Or perhaps it's the other way around and you're tired of experiencing the shock of cold water during your pleasant hot
oil to gas conversion arrows

Oil to Gas Conversion Can Save Money on Heating Costs

January 10 2017
Oil To Gas Conversion For any homeowner, the choice to convert a heating system from oil-based to gas-based is prudent. There are many important benefits of an oil to gas conversion: such as cost savings, environmental protection and operational
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