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The HVAC condenser Unit and its Key Role in Energy Efficiency

February 8 2018

HVAC Condenser Unit

An HVAC condenser unit is a device that’s part of the HVAC unit. Its job is to turn gas into liquid by cooling the gas. It plays a big role in energy efficiency, but there are things you need to know about taking care of your hvac condenser unit that we’ll discuss below.

Different Types Of HVAC Condenser Units

An HVAC condenser unit is classified by what type of cooling unit it is.

There are two main types: air-cooled condensers and water-cooled condensers.

These two main types have different names. One example – water cooled condensers: aka the double-pipe condenser.

Air Cooled HVAC Condenser Unit

Now, let’s look at the first type: the air cooled HVAC condenser unit. These are mostly used in small capacity refrigerating units, typically in residential or small office settings. With this kind of condenser it’s even more important to keep away dirt and other debris, because they tend to reduce the airflow in the tubes and fins of these condensers.

Water-Cooled HVAC Condenser Unit

Aka the double-pipe condenser, this is perhaps the most eco friendly HVAC condenser unit available. Unlike other condensers, it’s not wasteful of water. This makes large compressor installation possible in places where water is scarcer.

The required quantity of water won’t cross the 0.3 gpm per ton threshold of refrigeration. This means that water disposal problems will for the most part be eliminated, making the water-cooled condenser unit the most economical way to cool refrigerant gases in standard refrigerated air units.

Cleaning The Outdoor HVAC Condenser Unit

When the outdoor HVAC condenser unit is working properly, you won’t waste energy on your air conditioning. This makes it more than worth the trouble of cleaning out every year.

Here is a brief guide to show you how you can clean your outdoor HVAC condenser unit:

  1. Clean the pan. First, disconnect the outdoor HVAC unit from the power grid. Next, put on some gloves so you can remove the debris inside the unit by hand. To remove the small debris at the bottom of the pan, you can use a small mini vacuum cleaner. Just be sure not to point the vacuum directly at the wiring or any other thin components
  2. Clean the coils. These can usually be cleaned with water only. You can use a garden hose to spray cool, medium pressure water starting from the top down. Never use a pressure washer because it might damage the thin coil fins.
  3. Bent coil fins: these must be fixed in a timely manner because they reduce the amount of exhaust air released from the unit.

There are many methods of fixing bent coil fins, one of the most common methods being combing. There are many articles online that explain this process very well. However, it does require some precision and hard work, but when done correctly it will pay off. If you think this is beyond your capabilities, then you may want to hire a professional to clean your HVAC condenser unit.

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