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Central AC Supplies – Why You Should Maintain Your AC

November 11 2020

3 Reasons to Maintain Your Central AC

The heat is on. You are sweating, you are uncomfortable, and you need relief. You can run down and get an iced coffee, but that coffee will be gone before you know it. No one wants to add another chore to their ‘to-do’ list, but maintaining your central AC or window units is a must if you want them to peak performance all season long. A well-maintained air conditioner system can last up to seventeen years. 

You can also call Hanover Supply for maintenance because we have all of the right central AC supplies you will need to build or repair your system. We advise you to familiarize yourself with every part of your AC units. There may come a time when parts need to be replaced. Sometimes gears go, for example, and/or they need to be lubricated.

Much of what goes on inside your AC unit must be checked periodically. That’s where a trained professional comes in, but if you are comfortable with maintaining your system yourself, we have the exact central AC supplies you’ll need to get the job done.

Maintaining your AC is a must as we mentioned in our AC maintenance tips; just like maintaining your vehicles, big-ticket items such as central AC units and window AC units need TLC every year. Here are three very good reasons why you should maintain your AC.

  1. It Helps to Keep Your Costs Down

Don’t like throwing money out the window every month? Who does? In that case, maintain your air conditioner. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Just think of it as an additional house cleaning step that you take care of in the warmer months. When you maintain anything you are ensuring that it remains in top operating shape.

Just how does maintaining your AC keep costs down? By cleaning AC units or your central AC unit, you’re keeping out external elements. You can easily vacuum your system on a regular basis. This will clear leaves and grass away from your outdoor cabinet where they can do the most damage. Change your filters to allow clean air to pass. 

When your AC unit isn’t working at optimum speed, it has to work harder and longer. On those searingly hot days, it might seem as if your AC never shuts off. This could be due to overworking it by not maintaining it. Use a programmable thermostat. Set temperatures for different times of the day, so the system does not overwork itself. Seal air leaks around your windows and outdoor cabinet to avoid triggering the system. 

Pick an energy-efficient system. Replace your old outdoor compressor with a more modern unit. We have the central AC supplies you need for any model AC unit. We make it easy for you, so make it easy on your air conditioner. Locate and install your unit properly, and insulate your ducts to increase the system’s efficiency. Man examining an outflow air vent grid and duct to see if it needs cleaning

  1. Extend the Life of Your AC

Everything has a shelf life. Eventually, even AC units, whether they are central or window, will break down and need to be replaced. You don’t want that to happen frequently. You can make your AC unit last years longer than it normally would with good yearly maintenance. That alone could mean huge cost savings for you. No one anticipates the AC not working today, and no one wants to have to replace it before it’s time.

AC units should be checked for loose or frayed wires, broken pieces that can’t be fixed, coils, fins, or filters that need to be replaced or cleaned. Investing in a good programmable thermostat is also a good idea. This will save you tons in the way of using your AC whether during the day or during the night. When you’re on vacation or away for the weekend, a good thermostat will keep your money in your wallet.

Large AC units should last you on average 15 to 20 years. You can make that extend further by having a regular maintenance program. You can be the one who maintains your AC units. Just remember a little maintenance now goes a long way.

  1. You Want Clean Air to Breathe

With the warmer months come a lot of seasonal allergies. When the air in your house isn’t as clean as it should be, you’ll know it. If you sneeze frequently, or get irritated eyes, chances are the air in the home isn’t what it should be. That can be due to irregular or non-existent maintenance on your AC units. Even if you don’t have allergies, you may well notice that all is not right with the indoor air.

If family members do have allergies or suffer from asthma, it’s especially important to keep the air indoors as clean as it can be. Small maintenance checks every few months, or replacing worn-out or broken parts will go a long way to keeping your AC operating at peak performance.

Don’t wait until your AC fails to come on. Maintain it every year. Check out the owner’s manual and know there are simple tasks you can do to extend the life and effectiveness of your AC. We’re here to help you with any central AC supplies you may need.

Understanding Your Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is a refrigerator for your house. That isn’t just a metaphor. A central AC unit actually uses the same supplies as a refrigerator. 

A thermostat controls when the system turns on and off. You set what temperature you want to trigger the system at. When that temperature is reached, the thermostat switches on the system automatically. 

The air-handling unit draws air in from various rooms in the house. Ducts carry the air from room to room, and filters remove particles like dust. 

The air then reaches an evaporator coil, which contains a refrigerant that cools the air. The refrigerant absorbs so much heat that it forms vapor, so an outdoor compressor releases the vapor. A condenser coil then returns the cold air into your home. 

For your central AC system to function, you need all of these parts to work. You can replace any one of them, but replacements depend on the type of system you have. 

Types of Central AC Units

There are two main types of central AC units

A split-system central conditioner stores its supplies in several places. The compressor and condenser are stored in an outdoor cabinet, while the evaporator is stored inside. Split-systems also have a heat pump inside, to move warm air around the house. 

A packaged central conditioner stores the compressor, condenser, and evaporator in one cabinet. This cabinet is either on the roof or in a concrete slab near the foundation. 

Both types use the same supplies. But replacement and maintenance vary. You will have to move around your house to replace split-system parts, while you can go to one location to replace packaged system parts. 

Need Central AC Supplies? Hanover Has You Covered

A central AC unit cools your house without you having to lift a finger. But it has many supplies, and those supplies wear out. 

Hanover is New Jersey’s best supplier for central AC supplies. We offer a dozen brands, letting you customize for your home. Find the right supplies for you. 

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