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Why Spring HVAC Maintenance Can Save You Money

June 22 2020

Spring HVAC Maintenance – Avoid Hazards, Lower Bills

An air conditioning unit is a substantial investment, and if properly cared for a unit should last for many years. When HVAC units are working well, it’s easy to forget that they need maintenance. In most cases, HVAC units do not go from fully working to broken in a matter of a day or two. Over time they become less efficient, noisier, and less effective. The change happens so gradually, however, that it may go unnoticed until the HVAC unit develops a problem that is severe enough to require costly repair.

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

HVAC units will most likely see a lot of use in the winter and summer since those are the two seasons that typically see the most extreme temperatures. Servicing your HVAC unit in the spring, before it sees a lot of use during the warmest months of the year, can help to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns at the most inopportune moments.

Let’s take the example of a clogged air filter. Dirty filters are one of the most common causes of HVAC breakdowns. Even if a unit does not fail because of a clogged air filter, poor filtration can make the unit take longer to heat up or cool down the room. This means that the unit will need to run for longer, and therefore cost more to operate.

Avoid Environmental Issues With Older HVAC Units

Another thing that many people overlook when it comes to spring maintenance for their air conditioning and heating units is the environmental issues that surround HVAC maintenance and repair. For a long time, Freon was one of the more popular HVAC refrigerants, because it was thought to be better for the environment than some of its older counterparts.

More recent research has found that Freon still contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, and because of that the Clean Air Act was introduced, starting the phase-out of not just Freon but other CFCs and HCFCs. The manufacture and sale of HVAC units that run on Freon have been forbidden for several years, but there are still some units in homes and commercial properties that run on older, now phased out, refrigerants.

Booking springtime maintenance and servicing for your HVAC unit could give you an early warning for any refrigerant-related problems that may otherwise arise. Very old HVAC units can sometimes lose refrigerant pressure over time. Small leaks can be ‘topped off’ with reclaimed refrigerant. Large leaks could be indicative of a problem with the unit, meaning that it may be time to replace the compressor and some piping and start using one of the newer refrigerants. Alternatively, a new HVAC unit could be the most cost-effective long-term option.

Don’t just assume that your HVAC unit is fine since it is still working. Book a service appointment in the spring, when the unit is not being used much, to give yourself peace of mind for the summer.

sticker that reads "we're air conditioned for your comfort"Advantages of Spring HVAC Maintenance

HVAC units are designed to last for years, but like any other tool used in your home, the HVAC system requires servicing. If the system is to continue operating effectively, it requires maintenance.

Here are the benefits of scheduling spring HVAC maintenance, as well as the dangers of not doing so:

  • Energy efficient heating and cooling, no matter how much it’s used.
  • Annual servicing prevents expensive replacement cost.
  • Spring HVAC maintenance prevents breakdowns before they happen. Worn out parts may break off inside the machine. However, if the HVAC is checked regularly, worn-out parts can be replaced before trouble starts.

So, now that you understand exactly why you need spring HVAC maintenance, you’ll want to know what exactly you’ll be getting for your money. What will happen during the inspection?

What Technicians Look for During Maintenance

So let’s dive right into it: the nitty gritty of HVAC maintenance.

The HVAC technician will be dealing with not only dirt and debris, but also with sensitive parts of machinery that can create serious hazards if damaged or handled improperly.

  1. If drains are choked with debris, rust and mold can accumulate. A service technician will clear out leaves and twigs swept into the machinery by wind and rain.
  2. They’ll check for bad tubing, capacitors, coils, and fans.
  3. Checking gas lines for seepages is important when servicing HVAC units. Systems with oil leaking onto machinery or gas leaking can start fires, potentially causing you to lose valuable investments. The technician will check for proper on and off operations, as well as other connections.
  4. Thermostats are important for efficient operation of HVAC systems, which is why the checking of electrical switches related to the unit is important. Servicing blowers and heating elements can save you the repair cost of a breakdown.

After the spring HVAC maintenance is complete, you’ll want to reduce the chances of problems occurring in the future. HVAC specialists or an HVAC installation service can help you with this, too.

Ways to Help HVAC Endurance

Heating and air conditioning specialists offer additional ways to keep your home comfortable. The advice of these professionals is another reason why you should schedule spring HVAC maintenance.

Be sure to schedule HVAC spring maintenance during times when technicians have more time to check units. This is among the best ways to prevent a summer or winter disaster.

Other ways you can improve your HVAC endurance includes:

  • Closing blinds on hot days
  • Placing thermostats away from high heat areas
  • Ventilating attics


The main takeaway from this article should be: better to be safe than sorry. Unheated homes may suffer from busted pipes, which may result in the residents paying costly hotel bills trying to keep warm, or cool.

If owners put off getting spring HVAC maintenance, severe weather may prevent technical personnel from reaching your home immediately; or they may have a backup of customers.

Technicians can share this article with colleagues and customers so they can schedule spring HVAC maintenance for homes or businesses today.

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