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How to Fix Toilet Plumbing Problems

October 18 2021

Fixing plumbing issues can be incredibly expensive, and getting a plumber to your house can be rough. That’s because it’s a very complicated thing to learn to do professionally. But, you don’t want to call a plumber every time your toilet breaks, right? Let’s go through how to fix toilet plumbing problems yourself, so you don’t have to break the bank.

Figure Out What the Problem Is

First, you’ll have to identify what the problem with your plumbing actually is. Different plumbing problems will have different solutions.

Some of the different plumbing issues you may be suffering from include phantom flushes, trickling water, clogs, leaky seals, and so many others. Once you know what the problem is with your toilet, you’ll be able to start working towards actually rectifying the issue.

Replace Bad Parts

if you’re hearing trickling sounds or having flushing problems, you may have to replace some of the parts of your toilet or other plumbing in your home. Look for a dependable supplier that can recommend your best options when you’re replacing components in your toilet.

Before replacing anything in your toilet or your other plumbing, you’ll probably want to turn the water off. That will prevent water from flooding in your home or other problems from resulting from your D.I.Y. efforts.

Clean Your Drains

Sometimes, common plumbing problems aren’t a problem with your plumbing at all.

Clogs in your system can result in slowly draining bathtubs and sinks. It can also be one of the most common toilet issues you can face. In that case, you’ll simply have to clean them out. You can use drain cleaner or a snake if the clog is particularly pronounced. 

Drains aren’t the only part of your toilet that may need cleaning. If your flush works slowly, you may have to remove the debris built up on the internal mechanisms. 

Check the Tubes

Once in a while, the tubes in your toilet can get clogged or damaged by normal wear and tear. If you notice that the toilet bowl doesn’t fill correctly anymore, this is probably the issue you are facing.

In this case, scrutinize the tubes to see if you can clean out the offending debris. Otherwise, you may have to buy new tubes to replace the defective ones. Make sure that you check the make and model of your toilet carefully to ensure that you choose tubes that properly fit your toilet, so you don’t end up with even more significant issues than you started with.

Check for Leaks

Leaks can often spring up in the sealing around your toilets. Luckily, this is one of the most straightforward D.I.Y. plumbing problems to fix. You’ll just have to reseal the offending areas to keep them watertight.

Get Help to Fix Toilet Plumbing Problems

With the right tips and tricks, you’ll have all the answers you need to the question, “How to fix toilet plumbing problems?” But in some challenging cases, you’ll need a professional to step in.

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