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5 Innovative Plumbing Tools for Your Home & Business

January 28 2020

While everyone should have basic plumbing tools in their home toolkit to deal with clogs, drips, and leaks, there’s an exciting world beyond hacksaws, metal files, and pipe wrenches. Innovative plumbing tools are developed based on trends and needs within the world of plumbing, and can make a big difference in how smoothly your home plumbing system runs and how easy it is to make a quick repair.

Innovative Plumbing Tools

  1. Plumbing Inspection Cameras
  2. Propane-less Soldering Torches
  3. PEX Pipes and Tools
  4. Better Drain Cleaners
  5. Tubing Cutter

All of these innovative plumbing tools can be easily added to your kit, alongside your safety goggles, work gloves, and plunger. Once you have them in your toolbox, you will wonder how you ever got by without them!

Plumbing Inspection Cameras

You don’t have to guess at what’s going on in a drain or sewer! An inspection camera, or borescope, takes all of the mystery out of your system, offering you true visual insight while you’re hard at work.

As cameras become both smaller and more powerful, innovative plumbing tools feature camera options like high-definition video, self-leveling, and extremely long-lasting batteries so you never have to worry about the picture going dark in the middle of a plumbing emergency. Some models connect right to your smartphone or offer wireless transmission of any images or videos captured.

Propane-less Soldering Torches

If you have ever worked to get a watertight seal on a copper pipe, you know how important a precision soldering torch is in your toolbox. However, propane-powered soldering torches can be both dangerous and tricky to use, especially for DIYers. A MAPP gas torch, or similar substitute, is a great innovative plumbing tool to get the job done.

PEX Pipes and Tools

Speaking of copper pipes, they and their PVC counterparts are frequently replaced with PEX or cross-linked polyethylene. PEX pipes are flexible, handle greater water pressure, are easier to install, last longer as they won’t rust or corrode, and often cost less than legacy materials.

For home plumbers and tradespeople alike, it’s important to know that PEX pipes require a few innovative plumbing tools in the kit, such as PEX-specific crimpers and expanders.

Better Drain Cleaners

You aren’t stuck dealing with a cumbersome, corded drain cleaner these days. There are countless new options on the market, and these innovative plumbing tools save time while adding convenience and efficiency to any plumbing job.

Consider a cordless drain cleaner for more portability, especially in small spaces or areas where a power outlet isn’t conveniently located. Perhaps a hybrid drain snake is what you need, switching easily from handheld to floor-based in one durable machine. Or, if it’s speed you’re after, a flex shaft drain cleaner gets the job done fast.

Whatever it is that you need in a drain cleaner, today’s modern plumbing tools make a world of difference.

Tubing Cutter

While we will always recommend keeping a good hacksaw in your toolkit, there are situations that call for a lot more precision than even the best hacksaw can offer. When you’re looking at innovative plumbing tools, add a tubing cutter to your list. These C-style cutters work effectively to snip through pipes and tubes of all sizes and thicknesses, with control over every single cut.

As you consider upgrades and update for your home plumbing toolkit, remember what these innovative plumbing tools do for you. They are all designed to make plumbing maintenance and repair easier, keeping your home in good shape and making the most of your valuable time and money. Get in touch with us to find out more about quality plumbing tools!

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