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A Selection of Top-Notch Tools and Equipment at Hanover Supply

June 17 2020

A Local Plumbing Supply Store Near You

Good plumbing and HVAC equipment are essential for plumbers and other tradesmen. However, every homeowner and landlord should keep basic repair tools on hand as well. Look to Hanover Supply, a trusted name in the plumbing supply industry that’s been providing quality tools for about a century.

Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, and Generators

With so much experience in this industry, we know a thing or two about the trades. We offer our neighbors in New Jersey the best in tools, supplies, and other equipment at fair prices. You can also create an account with us and gain all sorts of benefits as a member of the Hanover Supply family, such as the ability to place credit applications with us for any equipment might you need. Our locations also hold regular events for holidays and invite experts and homeowners alike to see our stock of first-rate equipment and receive the assistance of our expert staff at our showroom.

We stock equipment from dozens of time-tested, trustworthy, and practical brands that plumbers and HVAC specialists have come to love. You’ll see names like American Plumber, Argo, Aire Flo, and many more when you enter our stores. We also cover your emergency power needs with first-rate generators from Generac and Milbank.

Save With Home Maintenance

You should always turn to a master plumber to perform complex labor on your water system. However, there are many smaller, routine jobs that anyone can handle quickly and affordably if they’re well-prepared. If you as a homeowner or landlord are familiar with minor repairs, cleaning, and the tools you need to accomplish them, your home plumbing kit will pay for itself many times over. Here at Hanover Supply, we have everything you need for drain cleaning, faucet repair, and all the other little inconveniences life will throw at you.

Clean Your Own Drains

Drain clearance is remarkably easy and only requires a few pieces of equipment. Augers, also known as snakes are easily-operated tools used for drain clearing. They insert a metal coil down a drain line that will be able to break up clogs and enable easy drainage. Here at Hanover Supply, we have simple, hand-operated snakes as well as electric models. Sinks and toilets each require different augers, and it’s worth having one of each.

Basic Faucet and Pipe Repair

Most of the tools you need to repair your own faucets are extremely versatile. Slip-lock pliers and multi-drivers, screwdrivers with interchangeable bits, are essential for any homeowner. Buy some specialized supplies such as plumbing tape and plumbing grease and you’ll find fixing a leaky faucet to be simple and straightforward.

Come to Hanover Supply

When you’re in the market for quality equipment as a trade professional or a homeowner, come to your local plumbing supply store at Hanover Supply.

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