plumbing tools list

Plumbing Tools List for a Beginner Plumber

September 26 2017

Plumbing Tools List

Plumbing is one of the most enjoyable and exciting careers. It entails various activities such as installation, repair, maintenance of pipes and other equipment used in the distribution of water and disposal of waste in both residential and commercial buildings.

As a beginner, it’s essential for you to make a list of plumbing tools that will help you carry out your day to day activities and improve your performance.

Basic plumbing hand tools list

  1. Tape measureA tape measure is a simple but essential tool that every plumber must have. It’s used in measuring various dimensions of the plumbing system.
  2. Adjustable wrenchesWrenches vary with the size of the jaw head, shape, purpose as well as their handle size (see our post on the best adjustable wrench for more info). They play a critical role in holding, turning, removing or even fitting plumbing pipes and fixtures, which is why they should be included in your plumbing tools list.
  3. ScrewdriversScrewdrivers should also be included in your plumbing tools list. They come in different sizes and shapes. They help in either screwing or unscrewing a wide variety of connections with the aid of nuts and nails.
  4. Pipe and tube cuttersThese plumbing tools have adjustable heads to fit the size of the tube or pipe. They are used to cut both metallic and plastic equipment and should be part of your plumbing tools list.
  5. Gloves, goggles, and ear plugsAs a plumber, you’ll be expected to work in different settings. As a result, you’ll always be at risk of injury. Ear plugs, goggles, and gloves should be in your plumbing tools list to minimize the severity of injuries and enhance your safety.
  6. Teflon tapeTeflon tape is used on faucets, pipes as well as other components of the plumbing system to ensure that the connections are tight and leak-proof.
  7. Hacksaw and handsaw.Both the hacksaw and handsaw are essential items on your plumbing tools list – they’ll aid you in cutting materials such as plastics and wood.


On top of all that, the second basic plumbing tools list includes:

  1. Small and large flashlights.
  2. Long and short shovels.
  3. Vise grip pliers.
  4. Sledgehammer.
  5. Round and flat files.
  6. Claw and ball-pen hammers.
  7. Needle-nose pliers as well as the caulking gun.
  8. Trowel

Finally, the following equipment should be a part of your emergency plumbing tools list.

  1. Hosepipes.
  2. Basin spanners.
  3. Steps and ladders.
  4. Hammer.
  5. Lighting kit and torch.
  6. Adjustable and waste pipe slicers.
  7. Sink tap spanner.

Have anything to add to these lists? Leave your comments below and share your own plumbing tools list! Come down to Hanover Supply and get what you need from our extensive commercial plumbing supplies section.

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