oak bathroom furniture

Use Oak Furniture to Make Your Bathroom Design Rich

April 6 2017

Oak Bathroom Furniture

Oak Wood Furniture: Choices In Abundance

Creating a rich design for your bathroom is all about having choices, and nothing gives you more choices than oak bathroom furniture.

Depending on your personal tastes, you can have:  natural looking oak, varnished oak, waxed oak, stained oak, coated oak or painted oak. There are many different options thanks to the versatility of this marvelous wood.

With such versatility and beauty, it’s no wonder that oak has been used for all manner of paintings and castles since the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Luxury Without Guilt

Now that you know the rich (pun intended) history of oak wood, how can you, the passionate home decorating Connoisseur, go from the standard sterile bathroom design to a bathroom design fit for royalty?

Oh and here’s a bonus for the environmentally conscious homeowner – you don’t need to feel any guilt about creating a bathroom that screams “luxury”. Oak bathroom furniture is more environmentally friendly than the alternatives (wood is a sustainable product).

So without any further ado, here’s our guide on how to properly use oak bathroom furniture to make your bathroom look rich and complete.

How To Decorate Using Oak Bathroom Furniture

  1. First of all, when shouldn’t you use oak bathroom furniture? Unfortunately there are some instances where oak won’t do much to compliment the bathroom design.Look at the brightness of your bathroom. Does it have enough natural lighting or do you have a smaller, darker bathroom that doesn’t get much light? Oak is a light wood, so it works better in a lighter bathroom design. Oak bathroom furniture in a darker space may run the risk of making your bathroom look cold and uninviting.
  2. When you’re ready to redecorate your bathroom, start with your vanity; it’s what everyone notices first when they walk inside. Bathroom vanities can be defined as – the bathroom sink and the storage area that surrounds it.
  3. Your sink: if you have a large bathroom, the wife would appreciate an area to do her makeup while still being close to the sink. Consider getting a wall mounted mirror with a small oak make up table and an oak vanity chair. She’ll appreciate the thought behind the design. Oh, and check out the oak vessel vanities – they’re extremely elegant!
  4. Choosing your cabinets: you won’t have a problem if you’re buying from the same furniture line and manufacturer, but if not; you’ll have to make sure that everything blends well together. We suggest you choose a good quality oak veneer with your cabinet for a natural finish.If you want to add some more drama to your bathroom, tall slim storage linen cabinets will do the job quite nicely by breaking up a room that’s normally eye level all around. Check out our cabinet showroom to compare different sizes and designs of all sorts of bathroom cabinets.

Oak provides a totally classic look with the best versatility for traditional or modern bathroom designs.

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