shaker cabinets hardware placement

Shaker Cabinets Hardware Placement: The What, How and Why

November 8 2017

Shaker Cabinets Hardware Placement

Shaker cabinets are deceptively simple. Their flat panels are a sharp contrast to the complex engraved panels and arched detailing of traditional cabinets.

Shaker cabinets hardware contributes to the decor and elegance of most modern homes. But a lot of it hinges on (pun not intended) the shaker cabinets hardware placement.

Shaker cabinets hardware placement is analogous to the ancient art of tattooing. The details, placement and other nuances play a large role in enhancing home decor and ambiance. It’s safe to say that with the shaker cabinets hardware placement: the devil’s in the details.

Choosing The Right Shaker Cabinets Hardware

The choice of shaker cabinets hardware is directly affected by the utilitarian value or lack thereof in the shaker cabinets. For instance, vintage exudes a rather industrial and utilitarian feel while polished brass knobs emit a historical nostalgia, a remnant of the times long gone.

Nevertheless, an ideal combination is a middle ground between utility and dramatic flair. The most common residential hardware pieces available are the following:

  • steel knobs and bin pulls
  • vintage glass or ceramic knobs
  • vintage pulls with exposed screws
  • tubular and flat bar pulls
  • accented wire pulls
  • arched and footed bar pulls

The material of the hardware can vary from the traditional steel or brass to the elegant bronze. The material you choose will depend on your personal tastes and budget.

Bold and Beautiful

Conformity represents a unique threat to creativity in hardware placements. But being bold with shaker cabinets hardware placement isn’t just about a disregard for social conventions; it’s also about expression of one’s identity.

Even a conservative can find expression through classic bronze knobs and bin pulls over the metallic and commonplace steel. Simple knobs with exposed screws are remnants of the industrial era and yet simplicity can be done away with for a dash of audacity even in simple brass knobs.

Animal heads and engraved symbols provide an expression for the households with a creative bent while also serving as an identity for the social rebel. The sheer range of unorthodox hardware is staggering by itself. Plain audacity and courage are the simple requirements to make your shaker cabinets hardware placement stand out.

Hinges: The Little Things

Exposed hinges are always looked down upon as obscene projections on a tastefully designed cabinet; and yet smart shaker cabinets hardware placement is dependent on the nuances of such external accessories.

Exposed and offset hinges offer great additional value to modern cabinets. The simple icebox latches and hinges don’t need concealment; rather, they create the right mix of flair and compatibility with the right choice of hardware.

It’s often convenient to overlook the bigger picture while focusing on the nuances. But perfection is a product of an ideal mix of the myopic and the prophetic. The design of shaker cabinets hardware placement should also align with this philosophy. A heady concoction of common wisdom with courage of self expression goes a long way in creating the right ambiance and home decor.

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