white clean bathroom with a shower, partial glass divider, several cabinets under a protruding round sink with silver faucet, and an elongated toilet bowl to round out what is a very chiq, modern room

Round Vs. Elongated Toilet Seats

September 5 2019

Decisions, Decisions: Round Vs. Elongated Toilet Seats

Let’s face it: you can’t put a round peg in a square hole. Your choice of toilet bowl will determine what type of toilet seat you’ll be using. So, which is it for you? Let’s look at round vs. elongated toilet seats.

As with every improvement in home décor these days (like indoor hot tub installation), you will find people on both sides of this issue. Some say that round is the way to go. Depending on your needs, however, you will find pros and cons for both types of toilet seats. Both function in very similar ways. The differences are in shape and size.

How Do You Decide?

Round toilet bowls tend to have a traditional style and work well in smaller spaces in comparison to elongated toilet seats. On the negative side, some are harder to use and to keep clean than elongated toilet seats. They can offer a less forceful flush and some report that they are less comfortable. While elongated toilet seats can be pricier than their round cousins, they tend to have more modern appearances and functionality.

Today, most toilet manufacturers avoid the round vs. elongated toilet seats debate by providing both. Elongated toilets are increasingly popular, tending to extend further into a room, but if you have a small half-bath, for instance, a round toilet seat is probably better.

Both types of toilet seats are used in similar ways for a man or a woman. However, many people say the longer, larger elongated toilet seat is more comfortable to sit on. For those with mobility issues, the elongated seat is definitely easier to use.

When considering round vs. elongated toilet seats, note that your choice will have to match your existing toilet. Some toilets are two-piece, meaning that the tank is separate from the bowl, but, basically, you will need an elongated toilet seat for an elongated bowl. The two kinds of toilets or toilet seats are installed the same way though.

Round toilet seats tend to cost less than elongated toilet seats. That goes for the installation of a new toilet bowl, as well. A two-piece round-front, 1.28-gallon flush toilet can be had for under $200.00. The same style elongated toilet is likely to cost approximately $230.00.

In today’s world, there are different types of flush technology, too. You may still be looking to push the lever on the tank and will be surprised to see two buttons on the top of the tank. When it comes to flushing, however, there is little difference when thinking about round vs. elongated toilet seats.

Those seeking easy maintenance of toilet bowls and seats tend to favor the elongated variety, which are easier to clean. The elongated shape of some brands has less of a crevice around the underside of the bowl.

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