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Recessed Bathroom Shelves | A Guide

March 16 2021

Have you ever struggled with storage space in your bathroom? If you stress over space to stash your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and your other bathroom essentials, then you might want to think about installing recessed bathroom shelves. These shower shelves are real space savers and can help make your bathroom look stylish and contemporary.

Our guide explains everything you need to know about recessed shelves.

What Are Recessed Bathroom Shelves?

One of the types of bathroom shelves you can opt for is recessed shelves. Because your bathroom or shower room is one of the smaller rooms in your home, you need to utilize your space properly.

Recessed shelves are one of the best ways to utilize space and get the most out of it. But what are they? These types of shelves are built into the wall, creating shelving that does not eat up any precious bathroom space. They will require some renovations to your wall, so if you plan on creating DIY recessed shelves, you will need to make sure your walls are up to it before you commit.

Why are Recessed Shelves A Good Option

Your wall is one of the most useful areas in your bathroom when it comes to space, even in the smallest bathroom. Recessed shelves are a great option, as they are both useful, and they create a beautiful aesthetic. Instead of crowding the edges of your bathtub with bottles, create a recessed shelf along the wall, and enjoy displaying them as a feature.

They work equally well with showers. Forget those annoying shower racks, or lining bottles up on the shower floor, adding to shower drain mess.  Create an elegant storage solution in arms reach with a stylish recessed shelf. Because the shelves are actually indented into the walls, storage is convenient and adds a unique feature.

Are They Easy to Install?

Of course, it is always the easiest option to install your shelving if you are already having work done in your bathroom. But if you have drywall, then your walls should be able to handle recessed shelves at any time. Behind the drywall will be hollow space, and this is where the shelves can be created.

You can check if the area is suitable by cutting an inspection hole and using a mirror to take a look behind the wall. You need to look out for pipes, wires, and any other potential obstructions.

Depending on who is installing your shelves, you or your contractor will need to check where the wall studs are in your bathroom before beginning. Then a hole needs to be cut and the shelf can be installed. Some people even add lights to their shelves or contrasting tiles to create a striking look.

recessed bathroom shelf drawingGood Opportunities To Install Recessed Bathroom Shelves

Now you may be thinking, is this really a good time to install recessed bathroom shelves? Is it a messy affair, and can my bathroom handle it?

These are good questions, just like the question of when to increase your shower pressure pump. Now, can your bathroom handle it?

Well, if you have drywall in your bathrooms, then chances are your bathroom can handle recessed bathroom shelves. Drywall covers the majority of bathroom interiors these days (the other type of wall material that some bathrooms have is plaster). Behind the drywall you can take advantage of hollow spaces to install recessed bathroom shelves.

So when is it a good time to consider installing recessed bathroom shelves? Well, anytime is good really, but the best time is when you’ve already, or are considering, demolishing a part of the house connected to the bathroom; this can free up more space for bathroom shelves.

How To Install Recessed Bathroom Shelves

How hard and messy is it to install recessed bathroom shelves? Well, the process is similar to hanging either a picture, shelf or TV mount on the wall. It involves locating your wall studs and working around them, or moving them.

Now, when installing recessed bathroom shelves, it might be difficult to find space for the shelves due to pipes, etc. Installing them correctly might involve some venting, electrical and plumbing work. Therefore, if you haven’t opened up a wall before, do yourself a big favor and call a professional.

Bonus: Recessed Bathroom Shelve Ideas

After you’ve evaluated your bathroom and have decided to install recessed bathroom shelves, you’ll be looking for some ideas on how to make them more useful and attractive. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • A good thing to recess to make the vanity area feel larger is the medicine cabinet.
  • If you don’t want cabinet doors or drawers getting in the way, then simply put baskets in the shelves to keep your things organized, out of sight and out of mind. Baskets can also make your bathroom look prettier.
  • There are many materials you can use for shelves, including: wood, glass, acrylic, stainless steel, quartzite, and slate.
  • If the recessed area is covered in tiles, make sure there is waterproofing behind the tiles!

The Perfect Bathroom Storage

Now you know everything about recessed bathroom shelves, you can start planning out your bathroom or shower room, and create the perfect space for your self-care necessities. To learn more about recessed shelves, or for any other plumbing query, get in touch. Our team is ready to assist you with your plumbing needs.

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