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Our Bathroom Fixtures In NJ

March 15 2019

Bathroom Fixtures in NJ

At Hanover Supply in NJ, we carry a huge inventory of bathroom fixtures and products. Everything from racks to sinks and cabinetry, to bathtubs and toilets. Bathrooms need to accommodate the right mix of fittings and fixtures. These include faucets and shower systems, including thermostatic shower systems and associated water saving fittings.

Countless variables go into generating the look you want in your bathroom. Are you modernizing or starting fresh? That’s the first question. It’s important because what you want and what will fit in your space may not be compatible. Some manufacturers design comprehensive ranges of product that you can mix and match to create an outstanding look. But will they fit?

When making these decisions, consider the following bathroom fittings and how to blend them with one another.

Bathroom Faucets

  • Is the faucet comfortable to grip?
  • Will it be used by children or elderly members of the household?
  • Is it easy to hold and turn?

Rounded faucets are harder to grip than those designed with spokes. Longer faucet spokes offer additional leverage while turning. Faucet dimensions differ as do the hands of kids, adults and men and women. When choosing a faucet, consider these factors carefully, as well as the “look” of the faucet. You could be living with these faucets for a long time, so make sure they work the way everyone wants them to.

Bathroom Faucet Materials

At Hanover Supply, we have a large selection of bathroom faucets. Most of them are made of brass, though the external surface varies from chrome to gold plate to baked on enamel or powder coat finish. To get a good feel of what’s available, stop by our showroom in East Hanover and look at your options.

  • How much space do you have for a faucet?
  • What are the faucets that you like made of?
  • How simple will it be to keep the faucet clean?

You’ll have plenty to look at in the Bathroom Fixture section of our kitchen and bath showroom to help you to make your decision.

Bathroom Shower Heads

In recent years, shower heads have become increasingly sophisticated and range from quite simple to complex systems that clean and massage the body. Consider these questions:

  • Do you want to regulate the height of the shower head?
  • Do you want it to be low-flow?
  • Do you want multiple shower heads? If so, do you have enough water pressure to accommodate multiple shower heads?

Finding the Right Toilet

How to buy the best toilet for your home depends on things like flushing mechanisms, sizes, shapes, height, water saving efficiency, comfort, noise and ease of cleaning. You may also care about color and cost. Regardless of your other considerations, how much water your toilet uses and how well it flushes should be primary.

Cheap toilets may cost less initially but they don’t last. And they will not provide a powerful flush. This is something that gets used multiple times a day over the years; it’s best to get a good one that is comfortable to use and will last.

We invite you to stop by our Show Room in East Hanover and talk with one of our design consultants about the various options available to you. Whether you are renovating, upgrading or building we can help.

Come in with your contractor if you are working with one. If not, simply come in. We’ll talk about what your thoughts are and what is most important to you. Then look at what products will work for you. Or, if you like we’ll provide you with a list of contractors in your area, who can also help.

Stop by our Hanover Supply Showroom in East Hanover and look at our various bath collections and products. You won’t be disappointed.

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