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Choosing Cabinets for Your Mobile Home

July 23 2019

Mobile Home Cabinets

You’ve decided to spruce up the kitchen in your mobile home by getting rid of the tired items to create a bright new space that will be a joy to cook in. Good for you! The best place to start your remodel planning is by coming up with a great layout in which your mobile home cabinets play the starring role with lighting a co-star.

Take your time to do adequate planning. There are a number of options despite space being typically limited in a mobile home. Finding designs optimized for cramped quarters is critical and, at Hanover Supply Company, we have just the people to help you develop the right design for your needs and space.

Possible Mobile Home Kitchen Layouts

A mobile home kitchen design is usually very straightforward. It typically has two opposing walls covered with cabinets that face one another. In some cases, a U-shape filled with cabinets and appliances is possible. Available space and the size of the kitchen is dependent on the model and size of the home.

If you want attractive cabinets, you may have to search a bit because the beauty of cabinets in a mobile home is generally secondary to practicality and weight. For this reason, most mobile homes cabinets are made of plywood or laminated wood. If this is not what you want, high-end mobile home cabinets are available and they will look great. This is a major planning area where you must make important decisions about the type of cabinets you want.

Add a Kitchen Island and a Hanging Pot Rack

It is possible to add more working space to a mobile home kitchen by adding an island countertop. These versatile islands are specifically designed for mobile homes. Some of them allow you to use them to wheel your dishes into the living or dining room. Most good quality mobile home islands also have handy storage solutions for cutlery, cookware, chopping boards, kitchen towels, etc.

You can also add the ever-popular hanging pot rack over the kitchen island. This looks good while providing more space. Different types and sizes can be fixed to the kitchen wall or roof. Having both offers convenience and additional storage space. It is always easier to find a hanging pot than one stacked in a cupboard. You can swing by our NJ kitchen showroom for some inspiration.

Fancy Drawers and Cabinets

Cabinet and drawer options have come a long way. One option is fully extendable, soft-close drawers that are designed to slide shut on special rails. Another type of drawer is tiered, which allows drawers to slide out simultaneously or independently, with the bottom drawers extending further than the top ones. Special use drawers are also available, including utensil, appliances, and trash drawers.

Rotating corner cabinets are great for storing in things in awkward, often wasted corners. Because the shelves rotate, they are always easy to reach.

Consider Lighting

Light is not only pleasing, but also important if you are chopping close to your fingers with sharp knives. Adding more lighting is relatively simple and can make huge differences in the feel and look of your mobile home kitchen. Scandinavian hanging loft lights look good in kitchens as do under-cabinet lights. These lights not only light up work surfaces, but they also look fantastic at night. They also pair well with the hanging loft lights.

Our team at Hanover Supply Company is happy to help you find the right mobile home cabinets. We can help you with mobile home cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom that are just right for your space and needs. We feature some of the best cabinet vendors in the country. Swing by our cabinet showroom today for a closer look at our beautiful yet practical selection.

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