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Generators from Hanover Supply in Northern New Jersey

March 22 2019

NJ Generators

At Hanover Supply, we have generator brands that work for localized emergencies or remote power needs. In fact we have a large selection of generators and generator tools to keep your customers’ generators running smoothly throughout the year.

Four Main Types of Power Generators

The four main types of power generators are:

  • EMD Generators.
  • Diesel Generators.
  • Portable Generators.
  • Natural Gas Generators

and these generators are most used as follows:

  • Industrial generators vary in size and are used to back up traditional power sources to ensure that lights and machines continue working during a traditional power outage. This is especially critical in hospitals where power is often critical especially with life support situations. It is also important in manufacturing environments where safety and productivity ideally continue during power outages.
  • Mobile / RV generators are used to power lights and appliances in a mobile home or RV which ensures that you have power sources even in remote areas.
  • Residential generators typically provide back-up during power outages that result from extreme weather conditions or other unexpected event. Like industrial generators, residential generators vary in size and capability. Small residential generators can power a few lights and a small furnace whereas larger ones can power your entire home if you experience a power outage.

Four Reasons for Having A Generator

There are any number of reasons for having a backup generator. Three common locations are:

  • Hospitals – where loss of patient monitoring and/or life support can result in degradation or loss of life.
  • Data Centers – where a loss of data processing capability can result in severe loss of information especially in banking centers.
  • Offices and Hotels – where a loss of power can result in people being stuck in elevators among other inconveniences.
  • Processing Plants – where loss of traditional power mean loss of production, raw material, and / or finished products.

Generac and Milbank Generators

At Hanover Supply, we carry Generac and Milbank generators as well as other brands that work for localized emergencies or remote power needs. Our large selection of generators and generator tools will keep your generators purring away in all seasons.

Two Popular Generator Brands: Generac and Milbank

Generac manufactures a wide range of power generators including portable, residential, commercial and industrial generators. They also are the leading designer and manufacturer of manual and fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications up to 2 milliwatts (MW).

So whether your client needs a standby power system for a large data center, a backup generator powering their family home through an outage, or portable generators to power tools at a job site or the cleaning power of a power washer – whatever the need, Generac can meet it. This company has generators that meet the needs of consumers and businesses alike.

Milbank is unique in that it is in its third-generation of being a family-owned business that has been engineering and manufacturing electrical equipment since 1927. This company’s products include metering enclosures, control devices, and other devices that are critical to powering residential, commercial and industrial facilities. In 2009, Milbank’s PowerGen™ division, launched features energy management solutions to help advance smart grid and microgrid initiatives.

Milbank’s product offering includes residential and commercial meter sockets, meter pedestals, RV/mobile home power supply systems, enclosed controls, switches, hubs, generators and energy management solutions.

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