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The Benefits of an Evaporative Cooling Tower

March 15 2018

Evaporative Cooling Tower

Typical cooling systems use absorption refrigeration to lower temperatures. An evaporative cooling tower on the other hand lowers temperature through evaporation of water vapor into the air.

An evaporative cooling tower is a structure optimized for cooling water and fluids. It operates on the evaporative cooling principle where absorption of energy needed to form water vapor leads to a drop in temperature.

The evaporating water absorbs heat from the remaining water thus lowering its temperature. The air should be unsaturated so as to absorb water vapor. The higher the humidity, the lesser the water absorbed by the air leading to less cooling.

Primarily, evaporative cooling is used for water cooling, air compressors, hydraulic oil, chiller condensers and mold temperature controllers. An evaporative cooling tower can be designed to meet your specific needs.

6 Amazing Benefits Of An Evaporative Cooling Tower

  1. Cheaper Installation And Operation

Professional installation cost for a evaporative cooling tower is way less compared to that of central refrigerated air conditioning. You spend half or less than the price you would have spent on the latter. The cost of operation is also low at approximately 1/4 of refrigerated air conditioning.

  1. Evaporative Cooling Tower Is Easy To Operate

It doesn’t use a compressor therefore you don’t experience power spikes when you turn it on. Its fluid is water and you don’t require special refrigerants such as ammonia which are usually expensive and toxic (thus causing environmental pollution).

  1. Energy Efficient

The power consumption of an evaporative cooling tower is low since it has a relatively low current draw.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Compared to refrigeration cooling the maintenance of an evaporative cooling tower is low. The parts that mainly require repair are the fan and water pump both of which cost very little to buy and install. This eliminates the need to always seek the expensive services of HVAC contractors or pieces like an HVAC condenser unit.

  1. Great performance

Evaporative cooling towers cool water effectively and keep a building free of the excessively hot water. As it releases water vapor the humidity of the surrounding areas is raised, improving comfort in a previously dry environment.

A cooling tower also serves to remove contaminants that deplete the ozone layer from the air. It’s able to do this even in dry conditions. This is unlike refrigerator coolers that can only clean the air in the presence of enough humidity to keep them wet and wash out dissolved impurities.

  1. Quiet operations

Evaporative cooling towers usually operate at levels of 50 dBA and below.

An evaporative cooling tower is one of the most economical approaches to cooling. It’s energy efficient because it uses a fan motor to ensure minimal energy consumption. Experts recommend that this cooling tower should be washed at least once every two years.

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