decorative accent tiles

How to Choose the Best Decorative Accent Tiles for Your Home Improvement Plan

December 20 2017

Decorative Accent Tiles

Home improvements are sometimes tedious. It can be hard to choose what you want. Some of the never ending questions are:

  • Which color scheme?
  • Do you get new door handles?
  • Perhaps break the adjoining wall down?

The good news however, is when it comes to tiles, there’s only one way to go, and that’s definitely the decorative accent tiles.

They’re reasonably priced, beautiful and long-lasting porcelain tiles that cover the floors and shower walls – along with a shining accent of glass mosaic tiles.

They have amazing vanity features such as a thick travertine top with an integrated sink. This is the reason why the decorative accent tiles are the best for home improvement.

They’ll give your home a modern, contemporary look, and give it any personality that you’d like.

How To Choose The Best Decorative Accent Tiles

You have to realize that decorative accent tiles are not limited to the bathroom. They can add a splash of personality to the floor or wall of any room.

For example, accent mosaics are ideal for tiling a backsplash in the kitchen. You can craft an exciting transitional look using glass, metal, or decorative accents.

Better yet, why not add some flair to your floor with a mosaic design? Simply add in small accent tiles on the diagonal between every other large square.

Keep It To A Maximum Of Three Different Tiles

  1. First choose your starting point and use it to make the decisions for the rest of the tiles you would like to include in your design. If you would like a unique pattern or color as a focal design, try to pull more subtle colors from it to use in your accent tiles.
  2. If your choice is rather plain, you may need to add an element of interest with a colorful accent tile or a smaller scale to spruce it up.
  3. Normally you will pick
    -a floor tile
    -a wall tile for the shower/tub enclosure or even all of the walls in your bathroom
    -a decorative accent tile that will be used as a central point, however don’t be afraid to break the rules a little bit.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle might also play a part in your choice of decorative accent tiles. For example, those with children may prefer a more colorful tile that’s easier to clean or more resilient than other tiles, like engineered quartz tile.

Either way, decorative accent tiles are fun and a breath of fresh air. They should always be considered in any home improvement plan.

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