caesarstone vs granite

Caesarstone vs Granite Countertops: What’s The Deciding Factor?

June 14 2017

Caesarstone vs Granite

There’s plenty of debate online about caesarstone vs granite countertops. The debate revolves around two different considerations: looks and durability. Both are important factors when choosing one over the other.

This article will help you decide which visual style would suit you more. You’ll also learn a few basic tips about protecting your caesarstone or granite countertop.

So let’s get right into it!

Which Looks Better, Caesarstone or Granite?

If you’ve already decided which one you think looks better, skip this section. This section is for those who are torn between the two.

Caesarstone (Quartz)

  • Looks more modern.
  • A more uniform, monolithic look.
  • Can provide constant color.
  • Or it can provide many different color variations, since it isn’t just limited to natural colors like granite is.


  • Looks more natural.
  • A more natural look that can still fit into many modern setups.
  • Variations in granite provide a beautiful look.
  • Inherent in granite are visual imperfections, which can be beautiful or an eyesore depending on your setup and personal tastes.

With these facts in mind, it should be pretty simple to decide which one would look better for you. Just decide!

Is your bathroom/kitchen more modern? Then you’ll probably want to go with caesarstone. However, it’s also worth giving granite a look since it may fit in quite well with your particular setup.

Or, are you going for a totally natural look for your kitchen/bath? Granite will look great then, unless for some reason you absolutely can’t stand the visual imperfections of granite.

Caesarstone vs Granite: The Important Differences

Once you’ve decided which one looks better, you should also consider the other factors such as upkeep.


Granite requires regular upkeep. With the proper upkeep, it should outlast any other kind of countertop material.

Ideally, granite should be cleaned weekly. In addition, sealant must be applied at least once annually; twice annually is better. The sealant will help the granite resist spills and prevent water from being absorbed.


If you go with caesarstone, be sure to keep acetyl-based solvents such as nail polish away from the surface; quartz is weak to it. Also you should avoid placing hot cookware on caesarstone; the quartz may get damaged by the rapid temperature change.

The Deciding Factor

Finally, it must be said that caesarstone and granite are both quality countertops that will last for years.

When it comes to price, you can’t really go wrong with either one; mid range caesarstone and granite cost about the same.

So, you shouldn’t base your decision on price, and the other differences between the two aren’t that big. Therefore, rather than focusing on caesarstone vs granite, instead focus on your vision for your overall look. Check out our kitchen and bath showroom to see what we have in stock! Don’t know where we are located? Head on over to our locations page.

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