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August 27 2020

A minor kitchen remodel will give you, on average, an 87 percent return on investment. And a middle-of-the-road bathroom update can bring back 70 percent of the cash you put in.

One simple way to spruce up these money-making spaces is with cabinet hardware. NJ has plenty of big-box shops where you can pick up the knobs and pulls you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Hanover Supply Co. should be the first stop on your renovation journey.

We Have The Experience — And The Quality Brands

At Hanover Supply Co., we have nearly 100 years of history in providing our clients with the home renovation materials they need.

Cabinet hardware, of course, is just one part of the puzzle. But we supply our designs from a handful of high-quality suppliers whose wares can complete the look of any kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Why Cabinet Hardware?

A full kitchen or bathroom renovation can cost thousands of dollars. But cabinet hardware doesn’t cost as much as a complete revamp — and it can completely change the look and feel of any space.

For instance, you may have an old bathroom vanity. Or, your kitchen cabinets may have an out-of-style finish.

You can helm a quick renovation of your own by repainting your cabinets. Complete the look with a fresh set of hardware.

To make the process even easier, choose hardware that matches what’s already on your cabinets. So, grab knobs that attach with one screw if your cabinets only have one hole — that way, you don’t have to drill new holes to attach your hardware.

Even if you don’t want to paint out your cabinets, a fresh set of hardware can quickly update a kitchen or bathroom.

How Do I Choose Cabinet Hardware?

There are so many kitchen cabinet hardware ideas out there. It can be tough to narrow down the field — what will look best in your kitchen or bathroom?

As a rule of thumb, you should choose something bold to go with white cabinets. That’s because the hardware will stand out against a blank backdrop. So, select something gold, bronze or otherwise eye-catching.

On warmer cabinets — think oak tones or other mid-range woods — set it off with gold pulls. Black or bronze will accentuate the color, too. You should choose silver hardware if you have cold-tone cabinets. Black, pewter or stainless also goes well with a gray backdrop.

Of course, if you need help pairing cabinets with hardware, you can see your options in person at our showroom.

close up of cabinet hardware Some Of The Cabinet Hardware Brands We Carry

Our huge selection of cabinet hardware in NJ will help you to accommodate any style cabinets you have in your home.

As a company that serves both commercial and residential customers alike, you will be pleased by the cabinet hardware we offer, including oak bathroom furniture and melamine kitchen cabinets. We have a massive range of products that are sure to suit your wants and needs. We strive to bring you highest quality products for your home. Our range of cabinet hardware in NJ is no exception.

Our residential hardware is some of the finest you will find anywhere. Here are some of the suppliers with whom we have the pleasure of working.

Atlas Homewares

Started in 1994 by Adrienne Morea, Atlas Homewares knows how to connect with consumers who are not only looking for today’s trendiest styles but also ways to add something extra to their home decorating. As a jewelry designer, Adrienne took what she learned there and incorporated it into her newest company. She describes her homewares offering as “jewelry for the home.”

Atlas Homewares features dozens of cabinet hardware collections. We’ve seen that there is something here for the most discerning customers. You will love her smooth, sleek lines for all of your cabinet solutions. Each collection pays homage to a specific design motif. There are many to marvel over. Whether you are looking for classic, traditional, retro, minimalist, or futuristic, you will find your perfect cabinet hardware in NJ with Atlas Homewares.


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Emtek is dedicated to helping bring your style to life. After all, cabinetry is much more than a door to open and shut. By making even the simplest touches to your cabinetry a part of the room design, Emtek has taken a big step toward rounding out subtleties that are too often overlooked.

Mix and match from all of their collections. You can hone in on the perfect knobs, levers, rosettes and finishes. Cabinet hardware ranges from modern to traditional, with much between. Different finishes and colors will spoil you for choice when it comes to making a decision. With so many great products on offer, Emtek has the cabinet hardware in NJ to match the style of your home.

Top Knobs

Top Knobs takes pride in being a leader in decorative hardware. Founded in 1994, they are the #1 manufacturer of decorative hardware in the industry today. We love all of their products, and we know you will as well. They have 30 product collections as well as 37 finishes, all for your kitchen and bath hardware and accessories.

Top Knobs isn’t something you find in your typical do-it-yourself store. As a ‘design company,’ they only display in places such as Hanover Supply Company. When looking for the very best in cabinet hardware in NJ, be sure to check out our line of Top Knobs products in our showroom. The company offers hardware produced by their very talented design staff and craftsmen. Custom-made, at an affordable price? Who could ask for more?


Our team at Hanover Supply Company is always happy to work with you on any home renovation project. Our design consultants are some of the best in the business. We will answer all of your questions about any home project. We feature some of the best cabinet hardware you will find anywhere.

Contact us today or stop by our design showrooms to see what a difference a little cabinet hardware will make in your home.

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