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Selecting the Right Bathroom Vanities or Storage Cabinets

February 28 2017

Buy a Vanity

Today’s homeowners are looking to update their bathrooms with a new vanity or bathroom cabinets. Before you start the process and buy a vanity, there are three main things to consider: practicality, design and functionality.


If you live alone and your current bathroom is small, without spacious storage, should you install a full-sized vanity? Would a large medicine cabinet be useful to someone who does not even take medication?

Depending on the size of your bathroom, a vanity may be the preferred choice. For smaller bathrooms with tighter quarters, sometimes a smaller multipurpose vanity or a custom vanity with open shelves can make the room feel bigger.

It’s more practical and cost-effective to buy a vanity, but there are three steps you need to take before you shop:

  • Measure the space – bring the dimensions (H+W+D) with you when you shop
  • Consider how much sink, counter space and storage space is needed for all parties ​
  • Ensure you’re measuring in order to accommodate the opening of cabinet doors or drawers


In the past, the most common materials used for all cabinetry were melamine and particle board. Today, contractors prefer to use plywood when they produce bathroom storage, because of its durability and longevity. The function of cabinetry is just as important as its formation. For instance, something as simple as which side the cabinet doors swing open has an impact on how you will utilize the rest of the bathroom.

The purpose of a bathroom cabinet is to provide quick and easy access to the most commonly used items – so the cabinets must be designed with that in mind. Be sure that when you choose your cabinet or vanity, that everything that needs to go in it is accessible without stretching, bending or squatting.


Once you’ve determined how you the bathroom should function, design is next. Whether it’s rustic, modern, traditional or abstract, a great design can help make your bathroom a serene, peaceful place.

Interior designers typically recommend cabinet styles that are sleek, easy to clean and modular. Choosing cabinets or vanities that are made from unique materials will certainly help make a statement in the bathroom. Be creative, but find a style option that also meets your practical and functional needs.

Choosing your bathroom cabinets or vanities should not be difficult – it just takes time to figure out what interests you and what’s right for your bathroom space. A great place to find inspiration and creative ideas can be a local showroom.

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