A long history and a record of reliability have made the Williamson and Thermoflo brand names well known in the heating and air conditioning industry.

Today the two names comprise Williamson-Thermoflo, a division of The Marley-Wylain Company, which offers a full line of rugged, dependable oil- and gas-fired cast iron boilers, oil- and gas-fired furnaces, indirect-fired water heaters and air conditioning products.

Sold through authorized plumbing, heating and HVAC distributors, products from Williamson-Thermoflo are used in numerous residential and light commercial applications throughout North America. Service is available through licensed plumbers, professional HVAC contractors, oil dealers and installers.

A Legacy of Brand Leadership

The history of Williamson-Thermoflo includes some of the leading names in the heating and air conditioning industries — The Williamson Company and Metzger Machine Corporation among them.

These businesses played a role in shaping a company that, today, is recognized for its long-standing tradition of producing reliable heating and air conditioning equipment for residential and light commercial use.

The Williamson® Story

The Williamson story begins in 1882 with the founding of Bennett Furnace Company in Cincinnati. Around 1890 the company changed its name to the Bennett & Peck Company and then to Peck and Williamson Heating and Ventilating Company. In 1911, Peck and Williamson bought several other heating equipment businesses to form the Williamson Heater Company.

The Williamson Heater Company combined the expertise of these firms to establish an extremely strong presence in the heating and air conditioning industry. The company’s boilers, furnaces and other products were routinely cited for their reliability and durability.

In spring 1992, Metzger Machine Corporation acquired the assets of The Williamson Company, and began producing the Williamson line in its Milwaukee, Wisconsin plant. Metzger had already established a reputation in the HVAC industry with its Milwaukee Thermoflo line of heating and air conditioning equipment.

The Thermoflo® Story

The Thermoflo brand originated in 1946 when a Milwaukee, Wisconsin businessperson and his family formed the Metzger Machine and Engineering Company.

Among the company’s key products were oil furnaces marketed under the trade name Milwaukee Thermoflo. Thermoflo heating equipment quickly gained a reputation for quality and dependability in the HVAC industry.

In 1992, Metzger Machine acquired the assets of The Williamson Company, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based heating and air conditioning manufacturer that had started in the late 1800s. With the operations merged, the Williamson product line joined the Thermoflo brand in Milwaukee.

A New Beginning

In December 1999 another well-established heating equipment company, The Marley-Wylain Company, acquired the brand names Williamson and Thermoflo, from Metzger.

Today, Williamson-Thermoflo operates as an independent business unit of The Marley-Wylain Company.