Webstone has been an industry leader since 1954, and currently operates as a brand of NIBCO. Throughout the years Webstone has been an integral part of pioneering the plumbing industry in high quality imported and domestic products. They have grown to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, which is evident in the products they sell, and the programs they develop. Today, Webstone stands unmatched in their products and programs. Innovation in design & stability in our quality is why Webstone continues to grow in the many markets they serve. Webstone builds products with a distinct mindset. Build them for life & customers will come back again & again.


In addition to utilizing many ISO 9001 certified facilities, Webstone has developed & maintained some of the most detailed and innovative quality control programs in the industry. They synchronize their methods with some of the world’s leading companies & continually build on successes to achieve superior quality in every aspect. Webstone employs independent agents overseas that are compensated based on the success rate of each product sold. This is an uncompromised team effort that promotes zero defects and builds strong relationships that stand the test of time. This dedication to quality results in an unparalleled benefit, assuring every customer peace of mind when choosing Webstone products. Become part of the family and you too can share the feeling of confidence that comes from selling Webstone products to your customers.


The quality and commitment speak for themselves. Webstone has some of the strongest policies and programs in the industry. Webstone values feedback from their customers and listens objectively in order to evolve into the type of supplier that will partner with you to achieve optimum results. You know you have done the best that you could do when you choose Webstone. Webstone has the products you need and a program to make it work for you.