In business for 145 years, WADE is a manufacturer of quality commercial drainage products. WADE enjoys widespread engineering acceptance and have partnered with responsive, well-organized plumbing distributors who assist in delivering quality-engineered products across the country.

WADE produces a wide variety of high-quality drainage products. Their commitment to excellence spans every aspect of the company. Each product that comes out of their manufacturing facilities is designed to not only meet but also exceed industry standards. Whether it is the Siphonic Drainage System or the 1310 Wide Flange Floor Drain, each product meets stringent requirements. That’s why when customers look for quality, they look to WADE. As an established manufacturer of drains, waste and vent products (DWV), WADE is proud to be a North American company. WADE offers a complete line of products that meet the Buy America Act requirements. WADE also has a number of inventories positioned across the North American continent that allows for rapid delivery of products to their customers. WADE has invested in modernized facilities and has taken extensive steps in safety measures and in environmental compliance. As a result, they have a working environment where positive change is created for both their employees and the communities where they live. Founded in 1865, WADE manufactures a wide range of premier products for customers across North America. Since its inception, WADE has been committed to manufacturing excellence. To this end, they have created modern facilities and established an unparalleled level of customer service. WADE never stops working to improve the customer experience. No matter where their customers are or what they need, Wade is the answer to their drainage needs.