Sterling Faucet Co. was founded in 1907 and prospered for many years as a leading independent manufacturer of faucets and other brassware. In 1984 Kohler Co. acquired Sterling for two reasons: it provided a foundation on which to build a mid-priced, full-line plumbing brand, and it gave Kohler entrée to sales through retail stores, a distribution channel that was beginning to grow rapidly. Over the next several years, Kohler acquired other companies to enhance the STERLING line and fill out the brand to meld with stainless steel sinks, compressed fiberglass bathtubs and enclosures, and vitreous china products. In doing this, Kohler successfully turned a modest-sized faucet company into a significant full-line brand.

Today, STERLING® is a brand of Kohler Co., the recognized leader in kitchen and bath design. Kohler’s diversity of products and powerful portfolio of businesses offer industry-leading design, craftsmanship and innovation all knit together by a single level of quality over a broad range of price points.

Sterling brings its reputation for innovative features to bathtub and shower doors with smart improvements for cleaning. Sterling has developed CleanCoat® technology, a factory installed special surface treatment that keeps glass looking clean by preventing dirt and water minerals from collecting on the surface. Included on all STERLING Frameless doors, CleanCoat keeps the door looking cleaner longer.

Door Tracks

Traditional shower doors run on a “W”-shaped track with grooves and channels that tend to collect water and soap scum build-up, making them difficult to keep clean. Sterling bypass shower doors – framed and frameless – are easy to keep clean because they feature smooth or semi-smooth tracks that are void of these crevices that could trap build-up and debris. These doors offer maximum access to the bottom tracks, making the tracks easy to wipe clean.

Sterling prides itself on designing products that offer safe, reliable performance day in and day out. Essential features like anodized aluminum door frames, sturdy hinges and pivots, and heavy-duty by-pass door tracks that provide smooth, quiet operation go into every STERLING® shower door.