Sloan Valve

How we strive to ensure success and value at Sloan.

Make People First

Sloan believes a positive and respectful environment is essential in order to deliver experiences that exceed expectations of its employees and customers.

Engage in Dialogue

Sloan promotes consistent, reliable, and thoughtful communication throughout the company.

Embrace Lean & Team

Sloan incorporates Lean methods to improve processes, to inspire teamwork and collaboration, and to ensure continued success.

Create & Innovate

Sloan encourages creative thinking to inspire big ideas that help continuously improve its brand. The result is groundbreaking performance in its products and its people.

Champion Your Environment

Sloan are conscious stewards of our environment. They engage in activities to help make our world and community a better place.

Invest in the Company, Invest in You

Sloan ensures its collective well-being to create opportunities for growth.

Own Your Actions

Sloan takes responsibility for their actions and proudly demonstrates behavior that never compromises their ethics.

Take Initiative

Sloan asks, “How can I make Sloan a better place today as a result of my actions?”

Sloan continues to build a global brand synonymous with sustainability, energy conservation and water efficient products, with green innovations that include solar powered technologies and all-in-one sink systems. It also ups its game in upscale commercial restroom design, with more stylish and contemporary product options that are as beautiful as they are sustainable.

Key Innovations Today and Tomorrow

Royal® reclaimed water flushometers

The AER-DEC™ Integrated Sink systems

Hybrid Urinals with Jetrinse™ Solution Technology

1.1 gallons per flush toilet systems