MTI offers an incredible selection of over 200 models of tubs, all handcrafted in the USA, in three product lines:

Boutique Collection is for those who want to make a design statement. Constructed using MTI’s Engineered Solid-Stone®, each product is a hand-made work of art with the look and feel of molded stone. While all are available as soakers, some can even be specified as air baths. Each tub’s product page enables you to view the specific details, complete with MSRP.

Designer Collection offers confident styles and a large variety of shapes and sizes for one or more bathers. They are formed in Lucite® high-gloss cast acrylic, and most can be specified as a soaker, air bath, whirlpool or combination whirlpool / air bath in up to nine pre-designed packages, or build your own.

MTI BASICS® tubs are ideal for situations when needs are more simple, desires more modest or delivery schedule is critical. This selection includes a variety of tubs in the most popular shapes and sizes, and at a very affordable price. And just because the project has a thin budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice craftsmanship and quality.

Boutique Collection bathroom sinks from MTI are no less than stunning vessels. Designed and handcrafted with exquisite detailing and available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Forming an integral part of MTI’s Boutique Collection of Engineered Solid Stone® (ESS) products, these sinks look like molded stone.

The Boutique Collection includes:

Vessel-style sinks that rest on top of bathroom vanities.

Sinks that can be semi-recessed in the vanity.

Counter-Sinks that have the sink integrated in counter tops made of the same ESS material. Completely customizable.

Vanity Sinks are seamless, with integrated counter, sink and legs or sides. Very customizable.

Shower bases, also known as shower pans, have been gaining increased attention within the last several years for several reasons. With people leading more time-deprived lives, they take more showers than baths. Hence, there is a desire to make the shower space more attractive, more roomy, more functional. A second reason for increased focus on showers is the increase in remodeling due to people’s need to stay in their homes longer due to market conditions. And the third reason is the need for universal design products for the increasing number of multi-generational households.

MTI produces a full range of over 70 high-quality shower bases, with a selection of high-end shower enclosures and genuine teak accessories. Choose also from a selection of spa-like and practical options to personalize your shower space. Regardless of the need, MTI’s range of shower pans can fit the bill. Manufactured in the USA, they offer clean contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and extreme durability.

MTI offers Shower Shields and Full Enclosures, for the more popular sizes of shower pans. MTI can help you turn your vision into reality with beautifully handcrafted, custom bath furniture that will complement the striking designs and high quality of MTI sinks and tubs.