The dedicated R&D staff at Lenox is among the largest, most experienced in the world. If there’s a way to engineer more performance into tools, they’ll find it. Lenox starts with your real-world needs. Their in-depth knowledge of what you’re cutting and how you’re cutting it, allows them to offer you the best tools for the job.

LENOX has been developing premium-performance tools for nearly 90 years. That unique depth of experience has brought a command of the science of cutting that’s second to none. They put it to work for you, developing tools that that make your job easier. To make sure you get the best possible performance for the money, Lenox constantly tests their tools throughout the design and manufacturing processes. They don’t ship a blade until it’s proven to perform. Advanced statistical tools such as Six Sigma® help ensure consistent performance every step of the way. Their milestone-based product development ensures that you get the right product with the right quality at the right time—right from the start.