DiversiTech is North America’s largest manufacturer of equipment pads, a/c condenser pads and a leading supplier of installation and service components for air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical and swimming pool industries.

You can find their products sold primarily through wholesale trade and distribution channels. With over 200 product categories available from a single manufacturing source, they create product availability and supply chain cost advantages for customers in every market they serve.

Their core product categories are equipment pads, condensate pumps, replacement motors, and chemical products. These four categories form the foundation of over 7,000 SKUs in their product offering to HVAC wholesale distribution.

DiversiTech’s electrical channel team serves the electrical power distribution, and power control segments through cooperatives and electrical wholesalers. Their application specific equipment pads and broad catalog of electrical installation, service and consumables create the same supply chain advantages for cooperatives and electrical wholesalers. Core products to these customers include liquid tight conduit, pull out disconnects, capacitors, relays, transformers, and unique bases for pad mount transformers and residential standby generators.

Diversitech’s Pool and Spa channel team is focused on delivering the same value proposition with an industry specific suite of product categories for installation and service of pool pump and filtration equipment. You can find these products through professional pool and spa products distributors in the US and Canada.