From the very beginning, Carrier has been a natural leader. Not simply for the fact that they created an entirely new and innovative product, but because as they did so, they set the standard in environmental responsibility. Since 1994, Carrier has led the industry in the phase-out of ozone-depleting refrigerants while introducing many of the world’s most energy-efficient heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Preservation of the environment and protecting the world’s finite natural resources is a central tenet of their business. Carrier recognizes the vital importance of maintaining a responsible balance between the comfort created today and the world we will live in tomorrow.


Carrier delivers global solutions across a broad range of applications in heating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and beyond.

Home Comfort – Millions of people trust Carrier’s leadership and expertise in delivering efficient solutions for their home heating and cooling needs.

Building Solutions – Setting the standard for performance, energy efficiency and sustainability, Carrier offers solutions in air conditioning, building controls and energy services for the building lifecycle.

Transport Refrigeration – Carrier transport refrigeration equipment, cold chain monitoring solutions and replacement components ensure the safe, reliable transport of food and beverages, medical supplies and other perishable cargo to people and businesses around the world.

Commercial Refrigeration – Serving the beverage, food service and food retail industries, with refrigeration solutions that are built on next-generation technologies to preserve freshness, ensure safety and enhance appearances of global food and beverage retail.