Camrbidge Lee


incorporates quality planning,

provides a framework for managing activities enabling production of quality tubing

consistently satisfy our customers, statutory, and regulatory requirements,

the tool for achieving enhanced customer satisfaction.

The QMS also provides for the continual improvement by monitoring processes based on its significance, measuring its effectiveness against objectives, and by management selection of processes for improvement.

Made in the United States of America, with pride, is their employee motto, bringing dedication and the required work ethic to the manufacturing workplace. Focused on customer satisfaction, consistently making quality products the first time, and every time.

Cambridge Lee has grown to be a world leader because they understand that customer satisfaction requires not only high-quality products but also a high-quality of customer service. From top executives to the most junior employees, they take pride in ensuring they meet customers’ needs and requirements, ranging from on-time deliveries and trucking solutions, to well-trained sales and service departments, to utmost product quality.