Aquatic is world-leading manufacturer of luxury hydrotherapy systems, everyday bathtubs and showers, and accessible bathing solutions. But they are more than the products they sell.

Aquatic are experts passionate about making bathing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone. They give their customers the advantage of seamless support, at every stage of a project. Above all else, they are the bath people.

With every detail of every design created, at every one of their seven manufacturing facilities across the U.S., they aim to bring the best to the industry and to homes nationwide.

Aquatic products are made in America…. and they set the benchmark for the industry worldwide. From jetted bathtubs with soothing powers to sectional showers with accessible features, Aquatic products offer the distinct advantage of unparalleled engineering and craftsmanship. With every detail of every design they create, every aspect of every service they offer, Aquatic aims to bring the best to the industry and to homes nationwide.

Aquatic employs hundreds of Americans in seven U.S. manufacturing facilities to make every bath product that bears their name as perfect as possible. That’s because they are dedicated to exceptional quality, safety and the many other advantages “Made in America” offers:

Higher quality and safer design. Close oversight of manufacturing processes allows greater control over quality. For companies like Aquatic, it also means being able to spend more time refining the small details, making sure every curved edge and water line is perfectly clean, so you can enjoy many years of luxury and beauty.

More innovation. Companies that make their own products also have greater flexibility and capabilities to reinvent them to serve market needs. This capacity for exceptional design is at the heart of everything Aquatic does, and it’s what allows them to offer more size and style options than you’ll find anywhere else in the world.

Faster product delivery. American-based manufacturing companies are able to be nimbler in delivering customized products and service. Aquatic is the only company in the industry to maintain a nationwide delivery system. No matter what your location, they can deliver your purchase in a professional and timely manner.

Better value. Products that are better made and longer lasting have greater value over the long term. That’s why homeowners and builders across the country turn to Aquatic year after year for beautiful, inspiring bath products that stand the test of time.