oak bathroom furniture

Use Oak Furniture to Make Your Bathroom Design Rich

May 24 2017
Oak Wood Furniture: Choices In Abundance Creating a rich design for your bathroom is all about having choices, and nothing gives you more choices than oak bathroom furniture. Depending on your personal tastes, you can have:  natural looking
sewer line inspection

Why a Sewer Line Inspection is Mandatory for a New Homeowner

May 11 2017
Many people don't think about inspecting the sewer and septic system before buying a home. After all, living with a properly working septic system conditions us to view it as "out of sight and out of mind." However, getting a sewer line inspection
modern kitchen renovation

Why Your Kitchen is Worth Updating

April 6 2017
When homeowners entertained back in the 1950's, most party guests mainly socialized in the living room. Kitchens were not a place for conversation, in fact, they were typically located in the back of the house and had doors to hide the guests from
indoor hot tub installation

Questions to Answer Before an Indoor Hot Tub Installation

March 30 2017
Today’s homeowners are always looking for ways to improve their home’s resale value – and that is certainly wise. For some who can afford it, adding a luxury upgrade can not only add tremendous value, but can be enjoyable as well. One of the
buy a vanity

Selecting the Right Bathroom Vanities or Storage Cabinets

March 17 2017
Today’s homeowners are looking to update their bathrooms with a new vanity or bathroom cabinets. Before you start the process and buy a vanity, there are three main things to consider: practicality, design and functionality. Practicality If
Mold In Ducts

Mold In Ducts – Homeowners Should Inspect Their Ductwork for Mold Growth on a Regular Basis

March 3 2017
You’d think it’d be easy to inspect the duct work for your heating/cooling system for mold growth. Typically, if you don’t see or smell mold you probably don’t have a mold problem. But sometimes it grows in hard to see or reach mold in ducts
pipe damage

Know the Signs of a Failing Sewer Pipe/Pipe Damage

February 13 2017
An efficient, well-maintained plumbing system supports many different functions in your home. As your home ages, it’s best to monitor the wear and tear on your entire plumbing system – especially your sewer pipe. These are the telltale signs

The Advantages of Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

February 7 2017
The plumbing fixtures that exist today are not only more sophisticated, but they are able to perform at a higher standard of efficiency. As expected, water-saving toilets, faucets and shower heads have now become the industry standard. Initially,
Most Common Plumbing Problems

Top Five Most Common Plumbing Problems

January 31 2017
Almost every homeowner will face a variety of issues with plumbing at one time or another. Handling the smaller plumbing repairs, like changing a toilet handle or changing a washer can be fixed easily. But the more challenging plumbing problems
oil to gas conversion arrows

Oil to Gas Conversion Can Save Money on Heating Costs

January 10 2017
For any homeowner, the choice to convert a heating system from oil-based to gas-based is prudent. There are many important benefits of an oil to gas conversion: such as cost savings, environmental protection and operational efficiency. There are
plumbing issues

Plumbing Issues – Knowing When to Replace Your Plumbing System Components

December 27 2016
Most homeowners can’t always anticipate when they’ll have to deal with plumbing issues. There’s always the clogged toilet or the leaky faucet, but what if you’re dealing with more urgent problems? There’s one way to limit the risk of these
old heating system

Is Your Old Heating System Prepared For The Winter?

December 13 2016
Cold weather may bring about potential issues in your home, but an old heating system is probably one of the most crucial systems to worry about. There are certain steps you should take if you want your home heating system to perform over the next
energy saving techniques

Become More Energy Efficient and Save With LED Lighting Systems

December 5 2016
The future brings much economic uncertainty and most businesses are tightening their belts to make sure they are saving as much as possible. Part of that savings strategy includes energy saving techniques like making adjustments to your business
reasons for low water pressure

Our Guide to Solving Water Pressure Problems

November 30 2016
Some people can live without caffeine, but most people can’t do without a good shower in the morning. It is frustrating when you turn on the faucet in the shower and only a little stream of water comes out of the shower head. You realize that
high energy bills

How to Cut Down on Energy Costs for Your Home or Business

November 22 2016
Today’s energy prices continue to rise and with a new administration in place, there’s no way to predict how much higher they’ll go. Good news is, there are energy-saving opportunities that currently exist in your home or business - here’s
hvac services

It’s Easy to Upgrade Your Heating System for Winter

November 14 2016
Everyone deserves a home heating system that works efficiently and upgrading your system is easier than you think. Here are some smart steps you can take to be sure it gets done right: Get an energy assessment done. Hire an energy professional to